Thursday, October 9, 2008

Best of King Crimson

OK, so I thought about a King Crimson Best Of collection.

The format I decided on is a triple CD, disk one covering early years, the second one covering the mature 70s band up until the split and the third one covering the 1980s reformation onwards. So here goes;


21st Century Schizoid Man
Pictures Of A City
The Devil’s Triangle
Cat Food
Formentera Lady
The Sailor’s Tale


Book Of Saturday
Larks Tongues In Aspic pts 1&2
The Great Deceiver
Fallen Angel


Matte Kudasai
The Sheltering Sky
Neal, Jack And Me
The Howler
Larks Tongues In Aspic pt 3
Larks Tongues In Aspic pt 4

I have deliberately avoided selecting anything from the live albums.


Tatanka Yotanka said...

KC were the first live band I ever saw ... which I may have mentioned before :0) Birmingham Town Hall, Islands era tour. For a long time Lizard was my favourite album bar none and it opened up the whole world of British contemporary jazz through the contributions of Keith Tippet, Marc Charig, Nick Evans etc. First album I ever owned two copies of, having managed to put a huge scratch through Cirkus, as it happens; and that when the entire record collection probably amounted to 25 LPs.

I happily spend the night in with your compilation and I'd donate a bonus EP of The Power To Believe to go with the first 20 copies.

Are you a Guitarcraft/LCG fan at all?

ToffeeBoy said...

@ CaroleBristol - I used to have a copy of In The Court Of The Crimson King which I liked but can't really remember much about.

Could you post some of these tracks so we can hear what we're missing?

Shoegazer said...

Is that the same Sheltering Sky as the movie.

Was very fond of the "League of Gentleman" back in the day, but don't know King Crimson.

CaroleBristol said...

I'll try and get some of the tracks up at the weekend and put a playlist together.

I'm not sure which website will work but I think Boxstr will be the one.