Monday, October 13, 2008

A zircon levy

I wanted to put this up around the time we were talking about unlikely covers but never got around to it. Listen in and wonder: who's singing this popular tune? And who's on remix duties?
Now that would be telling


CaroleBristol said...

Is that the Brian Speng remix of the Puppini Sisters?

Blimpy said...

total donds for what carole said. it can't be anything else.

GarethI said...

So Speng and our remixer have had them? He gets everywhere. We should stick Speng's face on a t-shirt and put "Lock up your daughters" underneath.
It is the Puppini Sisters, though.

saneshane said...

Hey .. you lot stop doing this.. away for the weekend.. then comics on RR..

and this great Real Tuesday Weld Remix of Bouncys Tune!

how far do I have to go down.. I might choke on my Spengals.

Blimpy said...

i'ver never heard the puppy sisters (or whatevr) before tonight.....are they any good?

Brian Speng said...

Which popular tune are you actually referring to GarethI, I cant help wondering?

I am, of course, casually familiar with Beyonce from the rags I tend to glance through in the luncheon room (although what about that name? Beyonce?? It sounds like one of those cheap hormone tablets you find advertised in the back of Saga magazine).

Perhaps its only me, but I can hear 'Putting on the Ritz' somewhere in the back of my woofer, which is a tune I hadnt expected to hear in such a context. Bravo for having us all fooled though - no idea what a remix might mean? Does it concern concrete products at all?

GarethI said...

You've let yourself down there, Brian. I had you down as a woof-woofer man, rather than a mere woofer.

There is, indeed, a soup├žon of Putting on the Ritz in this version of Crazy In Love, of which A zircon levy is an anagram. I quite liked that, and so did Ms Vorderman. She sends her regards, BTW.

Brian Speng said...

Oh Carol, I am but a fool! Oh yes Mr Gareth, I spent many a mid-Eighties afternoon (we were on part-time in those days) watching Carol closely as she played with her digits for the cameras. Alas, she is retired I hear.

Not before I'd had her though, obviously.

(Incidentally, your not-so-subtle suggestion that I may be a homosexual I must refute. I am, however, a man of my era and I confess only to the genteel suburban experimentation to which all of us were open in those golden innocent days, My main preoccupation remains 'les filles' and I make no bones about it my dear fellow, as im sure you cant help but have noticed.

Not that I have anything against gay men obviously - some of my best friends have been full-time nob jockeys.

GarethI said...

I fear you've grabbed the, ahem, wrong end of the stick, Spengy. By woof-woofer, I meant the sort of stereophonic equipment that would appeal to Captain Flashheart (sample catchphrases: "Flash by name, flash by nature! Hurrah!" "Woof woof!")

Nob jockey (n): an annoying radio show host. ("That bloke is a right nob jockey")