Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gremlin-ite takes first strides to fame-dom

Had to be really careful doing title - nearly typed 'femi-dom' and that wouldn't have gone down well with Gremlin-ite. On subject of cartoons and music , these 2 are his little creations from when he was just in his teens using 'Flash' , so several years ago now and very simple but , like "Sniffer" Clarke - effective in and around the penalty area. They are called "Calvin & Clyde" - he's been working on the sequels for about 3 years now... he's managed to post 'em on da toob and is awaiting his cult following (at least i think that's what he said...)


treefrogdemon said...

That is so do we find him on YouTube?

gremlinfc said...

He'll be chuffed to know- if you search "Clavin and Clyde" it should bring up the others too...they were when the Gremli-ite was younger but you are right, they are sweet.

Anonymous said...

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