Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'SPILLover Bright Eyes

So I finished the two I started with.. Since the Idea came about I've lived with the White Stripes and then Bright Eyes.. and this is the great bit- not the songs I would instantly play if I was in a random mood- these were your song choices put into playlists and played on repeat until judged by me... how much fun is that? Loads I tell ye.
So this here is the Bright Eyes one and an interesting listen I've had
'Cassadaga' an album I'd played twice had to be narrowed down from 6 tracks..
'I'll be your Friends' lyrics
"..and you fall into me like a domino.."
just missed out
and the ONE song that hooked me originally 'June on the West Coast' gets listed because as fans we all have that song that snaps us into fandom.
Most personal is 'Waste of Paint' (don't dwell too long)
Thank to for the suggestions.. and even though a start to the compilation was put forward.. it had to be..... Road to Joy
" Well I could have been a famous singer....
If I had some one else's voice....
But failures always sounded better....
Let's fuck it up boys....
make some noise."

Road to Joy
The Calendar Hung Itself...
Lover I don't have to love
Land Locked Blues
Take it easy Love nothing
Spring Cleaning
From a Balance Beam
First Day of my Life
Drunk Kid Catholic

Glad the theme has been taken on.. more Curators needed.. but I do suggest putting who you want to do up First so you get the 'Spill opinions before you complete.. it really has been an ear opener Thanks all.... Here's Maddys Choice...(I Hope)


saneshane said...

Here is Maddys choice!!
that has been too.. too much for me to do. Enjoy.

Blimpy said...

this whole "greatest hits as picked by experts" thang is working out really well so far! jolly good show!!

Shoegazer said...
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Japanther said...

another great one Shane and thanks for putting "The Calender Hung Itself" in there...hope it produced at least a few converts to the genius of Mr. Oberst

Japanther said...

Great trackilist ordering too...i've just had a listen right through and it flows like a dream...nice one!

Shoegazer said...

Great comps Shane. Who am the next?

saneshane said...

Right if anyone is still reading this far down.. the two SPILLovers that I've done don't have too many tracks off any one album...
hopefully getting people to discover their favorites..
shall leave them up until Monday..
I've purchased Noise Floor and his new solo album just from doing this.. so hope it will do the same for others...
I've also collected some more White Stripes singles today.. they are great on record.. even though I did the same as Steen and down loaded the B side collection a couple of weeks ago.....

Happy listening

Glad you like the flow Japanther I do try my hardest.. thanks for noticing..

Got a friend that runs a label staying this weekend so lots of demos to scan through and new music to discover.. how much fun.

So shall think about future ones from me..
Glad more people are carrying it on!