Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Radio Shoe (Halloween Edition)

Radio Shoe and Drunk Pumpkin Productions present the Halloween edition. For all important 'Spill points, redeemable at fine outlets nowhere, am looking for Song Title and Artiste for each. Tried to go with some less obvious choices for tricks, but hope you find a few treats too.
Freak Time - Keith LeBlanc
Ricky's Hand - Fad Gadget
Witches Multiplication Table - Holger Czukay
Irate Caterpillar - Hugh Cornwell & Robert Williams
Stalker Fever - Eric Alexandrakis
Demon Seed - Nine Inch Nails
Sonny's Burning - The Birthday Party
Kundalini - 23 Skidoo
In The Nursery- Psychic TV
The Shankhill Butchers - Decemberists
Werewolf - Cat Power
Halloween - Chris Garneau


DarceysDad said...

Absolutely genius pic, Shoey. Is that chez-Shoe or just a photo you found?

My nephew (whose birthday is on Thurs) has carved ours this evening with the girls, doing a good enough job to completely freak Darcey when the candle was lit inside and the lights dimmed. Oops! Cruel cruel parent me.



1. No idea, but sounds like a lost outtake from Was (Not Was)' debut.
2. Naggingly familiar, but no, can't place it. I'd guess at Marilyn Manson before he discovered guitars, so it'll no doubt be something circa '78-'80, and very English.
3. Don't know this either.
4. Is that a Stranglers oddity?? Doesn't half sound like Hugh Cornwell.
5. Back to being completely clueless again. Nice guitar work.
6. Another one with a Marilyn Manson vibe...

Well it looks like we're six-nil down at half-time. Off in to the dressing-room for a kicking from the coach, and back out for the second half with a renewed determination.

DarceysDad said...

Dunno where that extra 3. came from!

7. Birthday Party? Sounds like a young Nick Cave.
8. Nnnnnnnnnno.
9. Nope.
10. Ooh-ooh, got one. The Decemberists! Shankill Butchers. "Only" eight goals down now and still almost ten minutes to play!!
11. I should explain: we're away at DarceysGran's so I have no access to my music apart from what's on the laptop. I'm guessing this is Isobel Campbell but I can't check.
12. I don't know, but I want to. Gorgeous.

steenbeck said...

Ooh! I think I got 2, and I never know any of Shoegazer's quizzes!! Shankhill Butchers--Decembrists (10) and Werewolf (Cat Power). Was I right? Was I right?

Shoegazer said...

Just a pic doing the rounds, Mrs Shoe would not allow that on her doorstep (the kids would love it though). I make that 3 & a half 'Spill points. The Half is for Hugh but he's teamed up with someone else Thanks for kicking us off.

You got pipped to Decemberists by Darce but deux Points for Cat Power

Off to play volleyball - will check back later.

Proudfoot said...

Great picture. Always wondered what to do with the inside of a pumpkin.
2 is Fad Gadget. Title eludes me. 'The Hand' or something.
'Shankhill' is a great song and easily strummed on the proudfoot acoustic. Not a B#sus4 in sight.

Mnemonic said...

8 sounds like Rammstein but I don't know which song.

Proudfoot said...

The Birthday party is 'Sonny's Burning'.(Dug up old BP cassette buried in unconsecrated ground many full moons ago). Young Proudfoot very taken with this one. How do I explain him screaming 'Hands up who wants to dieeee?' when his mum gets home? Think I'll take him to see 'Igor' this afternoon and blame it on that. Don't know how I'll explain away 'Dead Joe' and 'Deep in the Woods'. Obviously 'Release the Bats' will be our Hallowe'en family campfire singalong this year. Thanks toffee. Another good job done in evil's name. Hope you're happy now Satan.

Proudfoot said...

Just guessing, but wouldn't Hugh's 'Nosferatu' album fit the theme?I never bought it, although I did find Jean Jacque's 'Euro Man Cometh' in a bargain bin. Whatever track 5 is I want it in my possession. Now. Please come clean or I will send cryptic messages about hacking and infiltrating your computer for ever.

Proudfoot said...

Sorry shoey, I called you toffee. It won't happen again. Sorry toffee, I inadvertently confused you with the axis of Wiccan-inspired evil that is shoey. Perhaps I have fallen into the footballers/ cricketers habit of calling everybody 'ie'/'y'/'ey', having first reduced their name to a monosyllable. It's not like I'm young or athletic enough to even harbour dreams of playing for Barnet reserves. If I do though, I hope they call me 'Proudy'. It's great to belong.

ToffeeBoy said...

Hey proudy - not a problem. I suppose if you're going to cricketerise my name, it should really be toffy - or possibly even - tofee-ey. Well, perhaps not.

shoey - I'm rubbish at these quizzes so it's nul points for me yet again, but I'm really enjoying the music. I can't get enough of The Decemberists at the moment.

CaroleBristol said...

I don't recognise any of them, but I like them all a lot.

Shoegazer said...

Not Rammstein, but that gives me one to check out- so thanks for that.
Glad you liked it Carole.
Apologies for making you anxious yesterday.
Subtracting Spill points for getting my name wrong, but #4 is from Nosferatu.

FP said...

Not a single fekking one. But all sounding monumental. And the photo's wonderful.

Shoegazer said...

Hey FP, thanks for stopping in.

Put up number 5 as it's a little obscure. Came across Erik Alexandrakis on a recent sampler CD. Glad some of you like it as much as I do, even if the subject of the song is a little worrying. Here's a link to his MySpace as his website is under construction, hopefully that means there is more to come soon:

#4 is from the horror inspired Nosferatu with Robert Williams (Magic Band) on drums. Irate Caterpillar is what a blind man thinks he hears on a building/construction site - brilliant idea.

Will see if anyone else wants to play, before putting the rest of the answers up.

saneshane said...

the temple ov psychic sane says...
6 N.I.N
8 23 Skidoo
9 psychic tv

and I didn't know this song til this morning while putting The Dream Syndicates Halloween on a mix....spooky Chris Gareau (12) was next to it.

and I'm guessing Jah Wobble for 3...

will listen properly if I finish what i'm up to!

Shoegazer said...

5 'Spill points for Shane. Where've you been? We need you round here.

glasshalfempty said...

Great mix shoey. You have a rival though. His Bobness does a halloween list on Theme Time Radio Hour tomorrow night!

Blimpy said...

"Freaktime" - Keith LaBlanc

i must now have enough spill points to get that hippo....

six has to be NIN. "Demon Seed" is the name of the song.

gosh, 9 is nightmarish.

Shoegazer said...

3 points for Blimpy.

Not Mr. Wobble, Shane, but he has worked with him.

Proudfoot said...

Worked with Wobble? Holger Czukay then. Don't know the title. Probably don't know how to spell or pronounce 'Holger Czukay' either.

saneshane said...

It's 'Witches multiplication table' and I couldn't even guess how to spell his name so cheers proudie.

'Kundalini Express', no that's love and rockets.. skip the express and we might be in with a shout for 23 skidoo and 'in the Nursery' is the scarey psychic tv.

steenbeck said...

Saneshane!! Donds for Shoey's sentiments.

Proudfoot said...

Shaney can we stop this Proudie thing? Please?
We can cauterise the disease if we could just trash this whole thread. Where is that dustbin?

Shoegazer said...

The collective 'Spill brain strikes again! Well played all & Happy Halloween.

Shoegazer said...


The song that was keeping Blimpy awake, is from 'Dreams Less Sweet", supposedly recorded without any microphones. Your supposed to listen on headphones or place yourself between the speakers for full effect - if you dare! (there are some really nice tunes on the album too, believe it or not).

Checking the old interweb to see what Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV) was up to these days. Apparently he and his wife are having their bodies surgically enhanced to match each other. It must be halloween all year round at their house. Bio here: