Saturday, October 4, 2008

The UNlikely Lads ... and Lasses


Aah, cover versions. Don'cha just love 'em? And for that matter, hate 'em too?! Take your Highway To Hell, for instance ... [You could have worded that better, DsD, everyone thinks you just told them to do one! - Ed.]

What? Oh, um, yes I see. Anyway, about the AC/DC song, I adore the TonNL RR-posted JazzKantine cover, but loathe the Ed Kuepper version that I very ungraciously received from Proudfoot last year (sorry mate!). Both however fit this idea of unlikely cover versions, which has long been a topic of interest.

But choosing which ones (a) fit the premise "unlikely", and (b) merit being posted for you lot has been actually very hard. For example, from the American Recordings sessions, finding a Johnny Cash interpretation of Sam Hall or Streets Of Laredo is no surprise, but NIN's Hurt and Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus ... WTF?! Hands up ANYONE who saw that coming . . . thought not. But I like all of the above (and all four are on just one volume of the ARs: what a way to go out JC!!). Mark Lanegan/Soulsavers' take on Spiritual, Black Crowes' version of Hard To Handle, Gun's Word Up and Cowboy Junkies' Powderfinger are right up there in my all-time fave songs, but "unlikely"? Probably not.

However I've seen the extreme reaction that Paul Young's white soul version of Love Will Tear Us Apart - VERY unexpected - can cause in JD fans, so I'm not risking Manc death threats posting it here. I'd agree Dread Zeppelin was a good call on the original thread's discussion, but perversely think mentioning the similarly talented&enthusiastic-but-ultimately-one-trick-pony Hayseed Dixie would be pushing it. I personally would discount anything by the likes of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and so on, because unlikely cover versions are wholly their raison d'ĂȘtre, thus paradoxically the unexpected becomes expected.

Oh and by the way, I've taken Bob Dylan completely out of the equation. I invariably like cover versions more than his originals, so could probably nominate enough songs for a whole box set just from his re-interpreters.

So here's a few other DsD fave curveballs, that hopefully will be new to some of you - enjoy.

First one especially for CaroleBristol, as mentioned the other week.
Sammy Hagar - Young Girl Blues
Dread Zeppelin - Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street)
Black Strobe - I'm A Man
Texas - Dimples
Bomb The Bass - I Say A Little Prayer
Cracker - White Riot
Mark Kozelek - Love At First Feel
Van Halen - Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)


sourpus said...

DsD, my hat is off to you for doing what I could not, sir. You are quite right to point out that the Ukelele Orchestra of GB's stock in trade is unlikeliness and I should have been more strict - and therefore, more fun - with the contributors to my blog about the parameters of 'unlikeliness'. Looking at (and listening to) your play list, I can see you 'got my drift' most fully and I salute your response in timely fashion. Long may you run. SP

DarceysDad said...

Cheers AB.

The first and last of those posted mp3s have been in my life for nearly 30 years; the ace Bo Diddley cover from French electro/dance outfit Black Strobe is only from last year. I described that guitar sound with the oxymoron sludge-glam, and I still think it fits it.

Cracker's take on The Clash was from a 2003 UNCUT covermount entitled A Tribute To The Clash Vol2. Did anyone on here buy the version of the magazine that came with Vol 1? Wanna swap some CD-Rs?

ToffeeBoy said...

Another fine list DsD - particularly enjoyed the Bomb The Bass track - hadn't heard that one before.

Apparently Gary Glitter did a version of that Sammy Hagar track - anyone heard it?

saneshane said...

DsD I've got both Uncut cds
will sent you vol.1

Did you get both volumes of the Rolling Stones covers on Uncut cover mounts?
.. for this thread
Flying Pickets do a great 'get off my cloud'

also Cowboy Junkies 'one soul now' cd version had an extra disc (5 tracks) of covers...
as a cure fan '17 seconds' was corker on that.. but not unexpected.

I sent you a bunch of cds last week when you was away, have they got there?

DarceysDad said...

@ Shane

Yup, finally got to go through the week's post this evening - though I broke off to watch MotD, and OK Gordon & Snadfrod, maybe it WAS a sending-off tackle from Zabaleta - and that is an extraordinary stack of music buried between the T-Mobile bill and my Logistics Link Show tickets! Thank you very much indeed (Never heard of most of the artists on the DsD various, but I think I'm in love with the Our Broken Garden singer), I really must make an effort to get some CDs back out to people this week.

I'm really jealous of your visit to the Bruce Grobbelaar Leisure Centre! Have you read Bruce's autobiography More Than Somewhat? The sections on his active service under Zimbabwean conscription were a real eye-opener for an English cossetted student (which I was when it came out).

But it's late, I'm tired, and I'm rambling, so it must be time for bed.

G'night all.

Blimpy said...

i have a good cd of clash covers, best is afghan whigs doing lost in the supermarket - i'll post 'em at some point.

Shoegazer said...

No surprise that Cracker & Bomb the Bass were great. Van Halen on the other hand, now that I didn't see coming.

Shoegazer said...
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