Friday, October 31, 2008

Spill Monster Movie

A Soul Cake,
A Spill Cake,
A Music Monster Thrill Cake...

I Pray You Good Woman...

An Apple,
A Pear,
Some Wine or a Penny...

Any Good Thing To Make Us All Merry.


ejaydee said...

Nice! So how did he get away from the snakes? I thought that was it for him.

Shoegazer said...

The 'Spill Monster - It's Alive!

Wow! That must have taken forever to do (so that's what you've been up to).

Proudfoot said...

Fabulously unhinged.
That's a very small mbira.
What is the slow-ish guitar picked bit (vocal-you'll never know I'm here) near the end?

saneshane said...

the snake now makes a cosy neck warmer for Monster Papa..

timeline goes:
on holiday so the Ms sane wants to spend time together.. she realises her mistake and dumps Premiere on my computer to keep me busy!

day 1 splice together songs on audacity, then regret that I made it 5 minutes long.
day 2 oh well.. about 60 photos each minute and 10 ish designs on to that and bobs ya uncle... 25 frames a second it says bollox!
day 3 lad get creeped out by dancing man being spill monster and removes all adaptions... need more photos re-make him.

day 4 loads of artwork and find I may of got 40 seconds of film....!

Back to real work....
oh I've started now, 2 more days and a rough cut is done and dusted...

Day 7 tweak it all so it runs smoothly making sure it's all saved... spend some time with Ms sane.

Day 8 go back to the program.. only first rough cut there.. do it all again..
same happens.
Throw computer out the window.
retrieve it.. Ms sane to save it.. does the same..

edit it as much as I can be bothered last night.. and up-load it to youtube.. doesn't like that large a file..
do it again this morning and work out a crap version for the web.

Never ever do this again (or maybe look at the book to see how the program works)

TOM McRae 'Ghost of a Shark'
is the song your looking for Proudfoot.
I will post it later as a travelling song.

Thank you all for watching.

steenbeck said...

Beautiful!! It was worth all the work, Saneshane. It's lovely to look at, compelling narrative, wonderful soundtrack. Completely unique animation method--I've never seen anything quite like it.

nilpferd said...

Just awesome, Saneshane. I didn't even miss the orange sneakers. Err- I don't suppose your monster can upload itself, can it?
You might enjoy this, by the way.. Mara's been utilizing this mode of transport in the past week..

ToffeeBoy said...

shane - this is pure genius - unhinged, certainly - but genius nonetheless. Thank you for sharing and scaring...

GarethI said...

Shane, that is utterly bloody marvellous. I'm grinning like a fool after watching that. That was a bit of I Am Kloot in there as well, wasn't it? What was the "I am a monster" guitar track?

saneshane said...

I am Kloot is in there..
'gods and monsters' or 'this house is haunted' can't face watching it again and have forgotten what I used now.

Hopefully 'Neon orange glimmer song' Mountain goats is up for you above gareth.

(sorry I missed your quiz by the way.. Pelle Carlberg is nicking my sofa surf when he plays in Germany next month)

I so love Kid k's donkeys, his videos and packaging are most beautiful and collected here.

(and because of the travelling theme.. I have to say we got a film of our mate in NZ who has got his trucks side to expand now when he parks up.. it adds at least a foot of space in there!)

steenb you make me blush..
having no idea what you are doing helps things to be different..maybe?

Blimpy said...

I loved it, a truly unique use of music and animation, great atmospherics and utterly bonkers too!

gremlinfc said...

This is fab and very harum-scarum - proper Halloween stuff - must get gremlin-ite to watch it - he does animations and he'll be mighty impressed. Keep telling him the first thing you need is a weird and wonderful imagination(disturbed maybe at times - have you seen "Fat Pie"?)Spooky! Love it!

saneshane said...

thanks for the comments.. I do like some of the stuff.. nicely disturbed.

I might go back into the program and try to learn how it works.....

next time it will be shorter.

and I'll give myself more than a week to do it.