Friday, October 31, 2008

Regrets Of A Reluctant Traveller

Oh, where do I start??

I've been co-incidentally on the road almost all day today - to and from a funeral in Cumbria - and so have loads to catch up on. As DarceysSis is fast asleep next to me I daren't even play Shane's movie, let alone open up any of the other posts from the last 30hrs or so.

Travelling : both a regular topic for many of my favourite bands, and a subject with much resonance to me & mine.

We're out again tomorrow - Chester Zoo, I think - and won't be travelling home from DarceysGran's until late on Sunday, so Lord only knows when I will get round to my post for this, but I'll promise you it IS coming and it is going to be boringly long!


So get your neck pillows ready; charge the in-car discplayers; check the fluid levels; pack the car hamper and fill the flask . . . oh, and make sure the kids have been to the toilet!

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

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Abahachi said...

For some reason the theme of my childhood journeys, mostly due to brat of a middle brother, was not "are we there yet?" but "how much further?" - which does, I suppose, exhibit a basic awareness of the fact that there is further to go, but gets no less annoying after twenty minutes...

Thanks so much for making yet another attempt at getting fourfoot's spreadsheet to me, despite the funeral and all. It has now finally arrived in a form that I can access, and mostly I'm bowled over at the idea that there are people who've got twenty, thirty, FIFTY?????? songs into the A-list. Were there, like, only about five of you playing in the early days, or is this simply a function of staying up into the small hours to be first on the list? Might be very interesting to see a break-down of the impact of the new management; certainly my strike-rate has improved substantially in the last six months...