Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh Barry!

Oh lady midnight, how I love to drink from thee! Brian Speng here with a late night musical nightcap of a first (or should I say last) post. Perhaps you'd like to start by pressing 'play' on the above clip - i've always considered it my theme tune, especially where the lovely ladies are concerned. My banana yellow Capri just wouldn't hold the road the same without it. The thing about Barry (you only have to look at the picture above to understand what a true inspiration he remains for me) was that he knew intinctively how to talk to a woman. Rather like myself, he had the medium and the message; the timing, the style, the beard -well actually, I had to lose my own whiskers on account of how closely i'd begun to resemble Roger Whittaker, but no matter. My point here is that Barry had the blinking lot my friends and more to spare.

Anyone else got a theme song of their own which they'd care to share with me over a stiff glass of the old bedtime Domecq and a fine cheroot? I'd love to hear from you my dears.


Blimpy said...

i'm speechless

CaroleBristol said...


I do like a bit of ol' Bazza once in a while.

Brian Speng said...

carolebristol (did I mention what a delightful name you have?), everybody keeps a little bit of Barry inside them in my opinion - quite right too!

I think I may have risked misunderstanding though with regard to my question, for which I prostrate myself. I had of course meant to ask if any of you out there thought at one time or other that a particular song was in fact your own personal theme song - a song so descriptive of you and/or experiences in your life that it couldnt possibly belong to another.

Just like Bazza works for me.

I'm quite sure that that thought must have occured to at least one or two of you urchins at some time, non?

Blimpy said...

****still speechless*****

Brian Speng said...

While im on, anybody having any trouble viewing the clip I chose? Blessed thing's coming up 'this video is no longer available' and I only watched the blooming thing yesterday! Please let me know how you fair with it and if you get no joy i'll change it, spit-spot.

How embarrassing!

DarceysDad said...

Barry's playing alright for me this eve.

And re the personal song question, I'm not divulging the early ones that were mostly driven by raging teenage hormones, but if you shift this across the Atlantic ...

... then it is SSOOOO close to my musically-formative years it's scary.

ejaydee said...

Hello Mr Speng, I'm Ed. They say here I get straight to the point.
I Love Music by the O'Jays could be my theme.