Saturday, October 25, 2008

Songs for a Rainy Afternoon

Tea for Two--Django Reinhardt
One PM Again--Yo La Tengo
Grace Cathedral Hill--Decemberists
Smiths--These Things Take Time
Heaven in the Afternoon--Belle & Sebastian
Roots--Lazy Afternoon


maddy said...

in the kitchen preparing lunch for some friends (they're late, probably caught up in horribly london rain), anyway wanted to say to steenbeck, shoegazer and toffeeboy my soundtrack during this has been your playlists and it's been ace, thoroughly enjoyed all of them. small person was in the kitchen with me while i listened to toffeeboy's list (she's been napping since) and she loved the jonathan richman's, good lass... hope you're all having/will have lovely lazy sunday afternoons... x

ToffeeBoy said...

@ maddy - nice to be of service - I just wish I'd recognised the soporific properties of Jonathan Richman's music when my two were that age.

@ steenbeck - love the Decemberist's track. I think I'm going to shell out for their entire back catalogue - seems I have some catching up to do.

Proudfoot said...

Love the Decemberists track. 'Grace Cathedral Park' is my favourite Red House Painters song. Could also have been considered for the afternoon theme:
"we walked down the hill
i feel the coming on
of the fading sun
and i know for sure
that you'll never be the one". Is it in San Fransisco?

FP said...

I've listened to Shoey's quiz and now Django has kicked in. Monumental version.