Monday, October 13, 2008

Wrong Song Phooey!

Big Dog-Black superhero
David Ivar Herman Dune-My Brand New Bike
Liz Phair-Gunshy
Eugene McGuinness-Disneyfied

Best Comic:
Stray Toasters- Bill Sienkiewicz


saneshane said...

and this is a great video!

saneshane said...
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saneshane said...

and this:

Shoegazer said...

Shane, where were you - you nearly missed a good one? Anyway, glad you're back - particularly liked the Herman Dune & Eugene McGuiness (who evoked Morrissey for some strange reason).

Blimpy said...

liking the eugene. good stuff.

saneshane said...

Shame I missed it really....
could of done quite a corker of a list.. oh well.

My friend from Germany was over, runs a little indie label and record shop.. so much music swapped.. and a lot of crap talked... trying to organize what to listen to first!

Eugenes just released his first album proper and I'm loving it so far, his mini album with 'Monster under the Bed' on it was patchy.

David Ivar Herman Dune is another of the anti-folk lot with Jeff Lewis that mention comics a lot...

good job I was occupied I could've got very boring !

(bet no-one mentioned Black Orchid by Appleseed on RR.. for those that know their Gaiman/McKean graphic novels!)