Sunday, October 12, 2008


Jeffrey Lewis the the genius behind Blimpy's mystery track from this past week, which went down very well. 
Jeffrey writes his own comics too, and they're kinda tied up with his music too, sometimes on stage the comic panels will get shown when they tie into what he's singing about. 
The track "If You Shoot The Head You Kill THe Ghoul" sounds very comicky, but the track "When i was Four" mentions his comics too and is better.
Jeffrey Lewis also has a song "The History Of The Fall" (thanks shane!) about the Fall, and The Fall have a tune called "Squid Lord" which sounds to me like it's about a comic book villain. 
This Peel session version of Squid lord is epic and scary too - but who really is The Squid Lord?!

oh, i forgot to mention my top five best comicstories

1. Halo Jones
2. Zenith
3. Kill Your Boyfriend
4. Tank Girl 
5. The New Adventures Of Hitler


CaroleBristol said...

Damn you McFlah!

You have posted another Fall track that I enjoyed.

I may have to start revising my opinion of them.

(I still recoil from the physical reality of Mark E. Smith, though.)

Blimpy said...

hey carole!

my nefarious plan is working! hehehehe

GarethI said...

Carole, there are about 43 ex-members of The Fall who would do the same.
Back When I Was Four is fantastic.

Blimpy said...

"Back When I Was Four" made the b-list!!

Yay Maddy!!