Friday, October 3, 2008

Fish gotta swim...

No, that's not my favourite first favourite is 'Hailstones and a sickle moon and the north wind races' from Missie How You Let Me Down.

What's YOUR favourite?
Missie How You Let Me Down, by Richard Thompson
Pony, by Diana Jones


Blimpy said...

"I've been contemplating suicide
(big pause)
but it really doesn't suit my style"

"Shivers" by The Boys Next Door

Shoegazer said...

On the mobile in the middle of happy hour so, can't listen yet. Just want to say how much I enjoy your weekly folky selections. Thanks TFD!

saneshane said...

'Pony' has just fitted in perfectly between

'Run To The Hills' Hellsongs and
'Wizard Flurry Home' Mariee Sioux
thank you.. really beautiful.

Japanther said...

"Most governments, religions, institutions, weapons of war and general stupid ideas, were made by a man. Not me, I was made by a woman"

S*M*A*S*H - Lady Love Your C*nt

Turned this 15 year old working class lad into an ardent feminist and was directly resposible for me deciding to go to University (despite my mum's reservations) to study Sociology.

Blimpy said...

i love that smash song, i have the red vinyl 7", and i used to play it endlessly!

Japanther said... vinyl 7" of "Lady Love...", now that's making me jealous!

Although, I think I actually prefer the acoustic version which was the secret track on the CD version of the album... gives the lyrics that much more poignancy

Blimpy said...

it was a one sided special valentines day release, with a shiny red/pink sleeve!

i loved nwonw too, elastica, these animal men, smash mainly. used to go see em all play. exciting it was.

Japanther said...

Yeah, I was well into all those too.
These Animal Men and SMASH were my favourites. TAM had the eyeliner and the epigrams ("Love's good, but not as good as a w*nk"), but S*M*A*S*H had the politics and sloganeering...
...I saw S*M*A*S*H in Brighton around 1994, it was recorded for the "Another Love EP" and i'm still convinced that you can hear my voice shout "you've been mislead" in the middle of that tune that goes something about "..Michael Jackson's going out with my kid sister.." (can't remember the title)!
I didn't get to see TAM until quite late in their career when they had started to wear matching leathers and all that, they were still great though!

Tatanka Yotanka said...

"Sitting on your own in a little cafe, the smell of cheap bacon fucking up your day"

From Jackie Leven's contribution to a tribute CD a few years back, ; a song about, rather than by, Kevin Coyne. I also love the live coda of 'Hotel toast, hotel toast, hotel toast ......' that has developed in performance.

Mmmmm time for brunch .....

'Here Come The Urban Ravens'

alimunday said...

"Davey, oh Davey, with seashells on our ears ..."

Roy Harper from 'Davey' - on 'Flat,Baroque and Beserk. It's a short song but perfectly formed - ..."we spun a web of voices, we danced a day of years. Yesterday marooned us, making for today - we stood along time's tideline as he washed us both away."

Love the Diana Jones, haven't heard of her before. Superb voice.