Friday, October 3, 2008

duckish gifts from the internets

duck song from funky 16 corners


treefrogdemon said...

LOVE these, steenbeck...I like the one with the cat and the aliens best. The duck one is too sad.

nilpferd said...

I don't know.. maybe the hunters shot themselves, and the animals stopped their music as a gesture of respect..
you might have come across this already, Steenbeck..
That's Ella Fitzgerald who comes in while the trumpeter is playing.. he said later he initially though everyone was cheering his solo.. Ella apologised to him later, though..
(I've been enjoying the Swiss Movement CD this week..)

FP said...

Steenbeck - that's marvellous. Thanks for posting it. I hope you don't mind me dropping in on your post to ask you clever people some totally unrelated questions. And Steenbeck, you're also one of the people most likely to be able to help me here.
I've been teaching myself to use iMovie for the first time and have had a couple of "issues" with the way it works (translation - me storming round the flat going 'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah' with Frogprince looking on in alarm). First of all, I can't see a time code or any kind of time line. How can you edit without a time code? I can see how the drag and drop system is good but I viscerally need to see a time code when I'm editing. ULead has one and so does Windows movie maker. How can I sort that?
Secondly, I tend to stick a song in the music line and then adapt my images to the rhythm of the music. But when I stick a complete song in a iMovie project, I can't hear the rest of the music beyond the end of the images I've added. I want to hear the rest of the music beyond the end of the images so it gives me ideas. How do I do that?
I'd really appreciate some help.

steenbeck said...

TFD--I agree, the duck one IS too sad. Isaac's asked to see it 1000 times, but I don't think he understands the ending. At least I hope not.

FP--I'm not sure I'm much help. I do have a timeline in my iMovie--Both just below the movie and above the picture and sound tracks. It's a simple one, but it's there. And I CAN listen to the music after the picture stops. I didn't change anything to make it that way, though. Did you import the song from Media>Audio>iTunes>place at playhead? Sorry I'm not more help.

ejaydee said...

FP, you got the version of iMovie that caused a bit of a stir. I remember hearing about the possibility to download the previous version, which had a timeline. If that's not available anymore, I think the solution is Final Cut
Check these links out:

Blimpy said...

imovie is horrible. eeeech.

FP said...

OH deary deary deary. Thanks guys...