Friday, October 10, 2008


Can someone remind me how I make a playlist using Boxstr please.


treefrogdemon said...

You need to have boxstr, yahoo player and your 'spill new post windows open at once.
Upload your files to boxstr - they have to be mp3s.
While they're uploading, make your post and into its box cut'n'paste from yahoo player Box A as many lines of code as you have tracks.
Then go back to boxstr which will have conveniently provided the code for your tracks.
One at a time, copy and paste the code for a track from boxstr into the code from yahoo that's in your post - put it between the inverted commas. Then put the name of the track in the end part (before the closing /a symbol).
You don't have to use Box B from yahoo any more cos Blimpy has helpfully added it to the blog coding.
When you do 'preview' don't worry that the little triangles for 'play' aren't showing. They won't be.
That's it!

Shoegazer said...

There is copy of Blimpy's instructions on Toffee's epic JR tribute post from a couple of month's back. Am on the mobile right now, otherwise I'd copy it for you here. Looking forward to this one.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ cb - if you do manage to work out how to do it:

a) well done you
b) please let me know how you did it - I failed despite the collective brains of the Spill (or do I mean Speng?)

DarceysDad said...

@ Carole & Toffee -

Here is the version of the instructions (from Blimpy via Shoey) that I amended for myself and have been using:

1. You need to have set up your boxstr account at

2. Open 3 windows/tabs:
(i) logged on to your Blogger Dashboard to create New Post (as normal); (ii) on and (iii) Boxstr's Home/Dashboard

3. On Boxstr click on the Upload tab in the top bar.

4. Click the "Browse" button

5. Select the track you want from your computer. Repeat steps 4&5 if you want to select multiple tracks. REMEMBER BOXSTr DOESN'T LIKE wma OR wav FILES: CONVERT TO mp3 FIRST.

6. Click the "upload selected files" button - a "processing upload, please wait" screen will appear (you can click OK), but the upload can take quite a while.

7. Once they've uploaded, a new screen will appear that has 'linking codes' in it in a box.

8. Click the "just the direct URLs" blue highlighted bit - if they're not already in the right format, the links in the box will change accordingly. These new links are now ready for the yahoo media player.

9. On the yahoo media player page there is a section How Do I Get Started: highlight and copy the line that says My first song.

10. In your Blogger post, click over to the "edit html" window. At the point where you want your tracks to appear, paste the yahoo code into the window.

11. Repeat that pasting for however many songs you want - 5 songs? = paste the line 5 times.

12. Remember the Boxstr URLs? Paste the appropriate song link (incl http etc, the whole line) into your post between the inverted commas of the yahoo code (ie instead of example1.mp3) and then type a nice descriptive name instead of the part that says My First Song.
Repeat step 12 for each mp3.

13. Now, to add the actual player, copy and paste the code in the box Embed The Player from the yahoo page to the edit html box on blogger. It's best to do this at the end of your post, even though it won't be visible when you go back over to the compose window. (The play buttons won't be visible til you publish either).

14. That should be it! Preview your post in Blogger and - if you've done it right - your tracks' text will look different to the rest of the text of your post.

NB - Only once the blog entry is published will you get the play button next to each mp3.

DarceysDad said...

Damn! Flippin' Speng recognised my Step 9 as a link! Wasn't expecting that. You want the line in the Link To Audio box that starts [back arrow]a href...

CaroleBristol said...

Thanks people,

first step for me is ripping the relevant tracks as mp3s.

Linux defaults to ogg files.

That'll be the easy bit!

Shoegazer said... has some good free converters if you need 'em Carole.