Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Texas for Obama

Matt's friend Cruz printing T shirts at a San Antonio Obama fundraiser

Here's my Richard Thompson list!
1 Meet on the Ledge
2 Genesis Hall
3 Crazy Man Michael
4 The Old Changing Way
5 I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
6 Never Again
7 The Sun Never Shines On the Poor
8 Dimming of the Day
9 Strange Affair
10 Wall of Death
11 Tear-Stained Letter
12 Small Town Romance
13 Little Blue Number
14 Al Bowlly's In Heaven
15 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
16 Persuasion
17 Beeswing
18 Cooksferry Queen
19 Outside of the Inside
20 Dad's Gonna Kill Me

I just booked my ticket for RT's 1000 Years of Popular Music, Glasgow in January. He won't be doing any of the above though.

Can't choose a best one, so here's the one that comes first - Fairport's anthem Meet On The Ledge, written by the teenage RT in response (perhaps) to the van crash that killed the band's first drummer Martin Lamble and RT's girlfriend Jeannie Franklin. Here in a live solo acoustic version.

Meet On The Ledge


Blimpy said...

hey tfg, could you post the number one best RT song in this post, please?

debbym said...

I also like A Heart Needs A Home, For Shame of Doing Wrong, Night Comes In (great cover of this by June Tabor, btw), Beat the Retreat and a couple songs from The Old Kit Bag.

Blimpy, I don't think it's possible to choose a Number One RT song!

tfg - I've only ever seen the video, but it's sure to be a great show. A couple of years ago RT played one of the smaller clubs in Hamburg - one man and his guitar alone on the stage - and I persuaded a couple of lads from work to come along with me AND THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!!

treefrogdemon said...

@debbym: well, I tried crossing out some of the more obscure ones off and putting yours in, but then it upset the balance...This is really hard! Which OKB ones do you like? cos I'm happy to swap for Outside of the Inside which I don't really like anyway!

@Blimpy: as debbym said, you couldn't choose a best one...Vincent Black Lightning is the most-requested one, but I posted that a few weeks ago anyway. Debby, why don't you choose a best ten (from the whole catalogue, I mean) and I will, and see if we can work it out that way?

debbym said...

Dearest tfg,
I would not dream of tampering with your list, which is absolutely valid as it stands!

I think your RT Top Ten would be different to mine would be different to alimunday's would be different to TonNL's...

I tend to listen to Pour Down Like Silver most (I DO like the stuff with Linda), probably followed by The Old Kit Bag (because I saw him live just after it had been released), and my favourite favourite favourite song is most probably Dimming of the Day - but only if I'm listening on my own in private, as it tends to lead me a bit close to the waters' edge. And I love to whirl round with my gorgeous daughter to Night Comes In!

treefrogdemon said...

Of course they're different...that's why I'm hoping to see other people's!

My Top 10:
1 Meet on the Ledge
2 Crazy Man Michael
3 Bright Lights
4 Never Again
5 Dimming of the Day
6 Wall of Death
7 Tear-Stained Letter
8 Vincent Black Lightning
9 Beeswing
10 Dad's Gonna Kill Me

See, already it's less interesting...

treefrogdemon said...

Terrific version of Meet On The Ledge now posted!

debbym said...

1)Night Comes In
2)Dimming of the Day
3)A Heart needs A Home
4)First Breath
5)Roll Over Vaughn Williams
7)One Door pens
8)Jealous Words
9)Beat the Retreat
10)Crawl Back (under My Stone)

TFD, that is my RT Top Ten For Today (and as the JRichmond lovers also said about their choices, tomorrow it could look different).
My inane comment about everyone's RT top 10 being different was trying to recognise the diversity of the man's music; also, I *like* certain songs even more depending upon my mood, or the emotions and memories they trigger (and RT's a great one for that)
Sorry to have left it so long before posting this - my son's 13th birthday weekend used up most of my energy, followed by a Very Nasty Bug leaving me completely K.O. for a day or two (or at least as completely K.O. as a Mum can get!)