Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghost Traveller

Mountain Goats
Tom McRae
Damian Marley
Radical Face
Cass McComb
Death Cab For Cutie
Buck 65
Tom Vek
DJ Shadow
Yo La Tengo
the Accidental
tracks 2-3-4-5 travel and ghosts
1 for Garath
2 for proudfoot
6 to 11 travel tracks
12 a last halloween night track.


GarethI said...

Thanks, Shane.

steenbeck said...

I really like the Buck 65...glad I have it! also the DJ Shadow and the Yo La Tengo, of course.

saneshane said...


Hee Hee Hee..

I have a problem...
I have quite a collection of stuff for you.. do you still have no way of playing CDs?
I haven't sent it yet because it could just be really annoying for you.. do you have a way of listening if I do send?

and isn't that Yo la Tengo just great.

(we've been listening to your Train Cd today, bit of an overlap for us isn't it, I compiled another train cd since the last two)