Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wo ist der Gremlinfc?

To Snadfrod and family - gremlinfc hopes you get this far in your very reliable (German) automobile. It is a cool and fascinating place but scaary and magical when the sunsets and night descends. It is rivalled only by Cayton Bay or Gwithian Sands , according to Albie Senior from Bradfrod. The first spiller to guess this exotic location "wins" a copy of the CD Gremlinfc will be concocting for the adventurous and very brave Snadfrod family. Second person to get it right wins 2 copies - hahahahahaha!
Note the well-travelled green bag....where will it be next?
Wouldn't we all secretly like to be doing what these people are doing? I think they ought to send a photo of their (German) Automobile in every major location for us if they can find a Cyber/inernet Cafe , then we can enjoy the journey and be even more green with envy! Actually, I would rather be in a building all day surrounded by people i don't like...


DarceysDad said...

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

snadfrod said...

Gremlin, thankyou for your kind words, I think we are as terrified as anyone else...

But yes, the German manufacture of our camping car is a BIG plus point. Woop.

Now, as for your quiz, I hate to cheat and all that but I opened the picture up to take a closer look and couldn't help noticing that it is entitled 'PotatoHeadMarra.jpg' or suchlike. Which leads me to make my guess - I think you are in Marra-in-Furness.

Do I get three CDs now? Gulp. And if you really are doing a cd for us, I'm putting an address in the big thread below. Ta!

gremlinfc said...

Foolish me - didn't realise the label i gave the pic would be exposed and so my cunning plan comes unstuck. Here are the tracks on said CD - you can have some of them changed if you want! (in no particular order...)
* Colonel Hathi's March
* Dance of the Knights(Prokofiev from Romeo and Juliet)
* Superfreak - Rick James
* Heavy Transit - Sound 5
* Pounding System - Dub Syndicate
* Stop The Violence - BDP
* Merry Ploughboy - Wolfe Tones
* Yashar - Cabs
* Freak Like Me - Sugababes
* Crystal - New Order
* When I see an elephant fly
* Drive My Car - Beatles
* Bones - Killers
* King of the Kerb - Echobelly
* Juxtaposed with You - SFA
They aren't all driving related but some are great singalongamaxjobs and i've included a couple of little dude songs...