Friday, October 10, 2008

No ... I'M Brian Speng, and so is my wife!


C'mon own up - who's risking getting thrown off GU by having a second ID?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the Pythons...had most of them.


confused maddy said...

a (convoluted) confession: i missed the caption competition (which i've now caught up with, and is genius), and therefore the appearance of brian speng, and therefore had no idea why the spill was now the speng when i logged on on weds night, then i got caught up in goneforeign's ace reggae blog, so by the time i started looking at the mothership at 8am, i genuinely thought speng was a newcomer and my first thought on reading his posts was: bloody hell, who is this twit, and how come everyone else knows him? you have no idea how relieved i am that he doesn't exist. (someone's now going to tell me he does exist, and i'm going to be more confused than ever).

Anonymous said...

I do so exist and what's more i'm ready to rumble! He he...Ha-cha-cha!

They say that mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, dont they? Hope so, coz Darcy's father may well be right - there are too many 'Brians' and "frankly my dear there can never be another (lady)" - to quote both Rhett Butler and Max Miller in the same immortal spillage.

Toodle pip now you'all. Must get back to my in-tray!

Kirk Douglas said...

I'm Brian Speng!

May1366 said...

I'll refer you to Julia Donaldson's Room On The Broom. The friendly witch has broken her broomstick and been captured by a terrible dragon while in freefall. With the witch's companions, the cat, frog, bird and dog, nowhere to be seen, the dragon is about to devour the witch:

'But just as he planned to begin on his feast,
From out of a ditch rose a horrible beast.
It was tall, dark and sticky, and feathered and furred.
It had four frightful heads, it had wings like a bird.
And its terrible voice, when it started to speak,
Was a yowl and a growl and a croak and a shriek.
It dripped and it squelched as it strode from the ditch,
And it said to the dragon, "Buzz off! - THAT'S MY WITCH!"'

Right there. That's Brian Speng, that is.

Tony Curtis said...

No! I'M Brian Speng

Blimpy said...

hi maddy,

to clear up any confusion you may be experiencing; brian speng is guest editing the 'spill for the next 6 months.

his next major plan is a post-by-post description of everyone he's "had". followed by a post-by-post description of everyone he "intends to have".

if you ever need anyone to do RR when you're on holiday, may I recommend brian speng?

CaroleBristol said...

I thought I saw Brian Speng in Waitrose once, but the woman at the checkout said it was Elvis.

Laurence Olivier said...

Tell me exactly who Brian Speng is or I'll crucify the bleedin' lot of you

Abahachi said...

You get thrown off GU for having more than one identity??? I guess I'd better stop being Jason A. Parkes, then.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ abahachi - and I'd better stop being you!

brian speng said...

hi, dorian here, I've been posing as "blimpy" for years now, as I wanted my choices to always make the a-list but the guardian wouldn't let me.

DarceysDad said...

Um, I've just realised my original post sounded either:
(i) like a vexed accusation, or
(ii) stupidly expecting someone to own up and thus GET THEMSELVES thrown off GU.

I didn't mean that! I'm just worried that whoever the Speng it is may not know that multiple IDs is in contravention of GU's blogging rules. I wouldn't want RR to lose another regular over this.