Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'SPILLover The White Stripes

I just don't know what to do with myself
Hotel Yorba
Red Death at 6:14
We're going to be friends
Seven nation army
Hand Springs
Let's shake hands
You Don't know what love is (you just do as you're told)
In the Cold, cold, night
Apple Blossom
Rag & Bone
Hello Operator
Fell in love with a girl

Sorry if I missed your favorite.. Put all the songs mentioned into a file and condensed it down to 80 minutes that I feel flowed best... It's Boxstr first Podbean follows on.
PLEASE IF YOU LIKE ANYTHING GO BUY THE VINYL or at least get a cd out of the library!


Your Slow Friend From the States said...

Thanks, Saneshane, this was a great public service. I forgot to say that I really like their version of St. James Infirmary, as well, if anybody's still looking for more.

Blimpy said...

great stuff shane, i've dled a couple that aren't on my ipod currently.

Japanther said...

Stellar job Shane, I reckon you nailed most of their key tracks.

That would make an incredible Best Of... in anybody's book...