Saturday, January 17, 2009

B-Mac vrs mc sane


Blimpy said...


Blimpy said...

I'm gonna post the rap battle, as copied and pasted from youtube, just incase people think we're slightly insane. I'll do it in these things spiral out of control really is beyond me. I'll include the other (non spillers' responses too, incase you wondering who these folk are. Shane and I just happened to stumble into a rap battle, and thought we'd get stuck in...)

B-Mac said...

Here's my freestyle:

I'm rapping, I'm rapping. Rap rap rapping.
All you guys are jealous of my rapping
My rapping is better and pretty good
I'm the best rapper in all of my 'hood

Beat that, haters!

MC Sane said...

my hood just popped on my car..
take that blimpy mcflah!

B-Mac said...

5ane5hane, my flow will give you a fright
When you find out I'm middle class and white
I drive in my village in my Nissan Micra
Which the bitchez all flock to, cos it is hyper
When I pull out my piece, it ain't for a drive by
I shoot the pheasants as they fly by

Brapp, brapp!

MC Sane said...

hey yo.. be pleasant to the pheasant
or I'll drive by and get ya
U can't out run me in ya nissan micra
Na Na Na Na Na
I never did like Ya!
I thumb my nose at you and your car.

TooTle Pip.

B-Mac said...

5ane5hane your skills are weak, your flow ain't right
I'll verbally destroy ya, like Paxman on Newsnight
I'm off to have some Gentleman's Relish on a nice bit of toast
I'll be back later, and your ass I will roast

MC Sane said...

hey B-Mac
your words are so slack
could fit them all in Morphs back pack
squish them like jelly with your man from the tele
I got the most without having to boast
from down there .....
to the top of my welly

B-Mac said...

B-Mac is back with a verbal attack,
5ane5hane better lay off the crack
Listen here now, your rhymes are wack
It irks me to see them on my Mac
Now, you'd better duck for cover as I pull my Gat

Well, I say Gat, really it's a cricket bat

My words are the ball flying at your wicket
I'm chucked a googly and you're gonna miss it
Out first ball, no LB double Yo
Stumped again by my mad skills on show

MC Sane said...

hey man I'm stumped by yo superior class,
got mud on my whites.. grass on my arse.

but I go get to the pavilion first
scoff all the cake.. and leave crumbs on yo verse,
so quiver and shake and choke on that curse...

i am the flyest completely deserved
the bell rings for me...

and tea is served.

disdathit (genuine youtube rapper) said...

oh my days, - you guys, bringin in the stiff upper lip,
not comin equipt, - still are talkin a-mounts of shit,
its fuckin rid-ic, you should just get straight back in your whip, - drive back home, - cos your raps are makin me sick,

your random talk and weak e-fforts - dont go unnoticed, the only thing is that their bogus n you suckas are hopeless,

you know u need to re-approach this with a sliver of skill, - do or get killed, losin in a battle of wills,

n DATS the real talk..(uh uh uh uh)

flatline contruct (genuine youtube rapper 2) said...

Personally,I don't really like cricket
Micras, wellies or even the stiff lip
What I do like, is some serious flow
We all be representing the UK you know!
Disdat, McFlah, 5ane5hane and Odi
we all show'd savic his skills are just mouldy
But I digress, it's YOUR rhymes I'm to test
You all think you take me? Well there's no contest
My first words were a verse
My playground my lyrics
I spit a phat phrase
ya'll wanna be in it
so step up! the annte is waiting
just one thing though.
No hesitating

B-Mac said...

Youtube rappers come and youtube rappers go
You all is tubes and you'd better know

I'm like M.C Escher, but my rhymes are fresher
Mixing up verses in a rap blender

I'll juice yo ass like a fruit smoothie
You be on yo knees, beggin "please don't shoot me"

You all be saying "I wish I could rhyme like you"
Well - get out the door, and join the queue

This is rap school, and I got 3 A Levels
Science, Hip Hop, and yo mama's innocence

saneshane said...

Oh yeah you dis their ass mo fo..

sorry everyone.. this was too much fun..

b-mac the site is kind of testing (the link comes up at the end of the vid) I did do a whole lot of the 'battle' but can't seem to get these characters back...

but it's so much fun
pick a background, the people you want and a voice.. then type.. you get a cartoon..

the joy of the modern world.. mc sane outta here!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ blimpy & shane

Genius! You guys rock...

Blimpy said...


P-Phoot said...

Haven't laughed so much for ages. I especially like Phlatline Construct (or whoever).
Yo. Step right up.
The ant is waitin'