Saturday, January 3, 2009

Near Myth.

Ignoring the no bible bit.. here's a few stories....

Noahs Ark
Swords in the dirt
and this was posted for travel, who was it?
I love it.. and think it fits in nicely ..thanks:
Horse with no name


ejaydee said...

It was me! Seelenluft's version!

saneshane said...

yep Seelenlufts version it is.. did think it must of been you, I really should tag songs that I've nicked from the spill...

(while watching the football highlights I seem to have found 7 different mixes of
Welcome To The Pleasuredome.. how does anyone end up with that many links to Xanadu? I even have 3 from Mull Historical Society!)

cauliflower said...

Can i just say...
I LOVE this blog!

Trying to write an overdue assignment, easing into it by playing this Spill page in its entirety, hearing music I've forgotten, or never heard before. Particularly happy with Laurie Anderson and Roots Manuva...
Thank you.

saneshane said...

glad you are enjoying cauliflower and good luck with the assignment!

tracks listing goes like this for those who don't download them:
buck 65
Sophie Solomon
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Roots Manuva

Seelenluft (from ejaydee)
I've just listened to the original by America too!

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