Friday, January 23, 2009

Be my ghost

Tricky, RZA, Gatekeeper digging up some graves.

The playlist starts off with Travelling grave, by 3D's forerunner band Goblin mix, a short lived, early flying nun combo obsessed with gothic imagery and indie garage sounds.

Next up Conjure's General Science, a whimsical little piece from one of numerous Kip Hanrahan projects which I wheel out occasionally (to deafening silence).

Followed by Kimbu Kimra's Raise the dead, remixed by Atjazz- I seem to have loads of this type of late nineties nu-jazz thing on compilations, this track would be one of the better ones though, released by Munich label Compost.

Then with one of my favourite Grant Mclennan tracks, Haunted House. The guitar reminds me of Johnny Marr, the swelling organ fits perfectly, Grant turns out one of his most timeless lyrics, the ending is unbearably uplifting. Hearing this tune always makes me sad, but in a euphoric way. RIP, G.M. Mclennan.

Ending with Ghosts, by The Chills. More of an epic, folk sound than usual on this classic track from the Brave Words album.

(Player removed)


ToffeeBoy said...

Can't get the third track to play but enjoyed the others, particularly, of course, Haunted House. I know it's a few months away but we should put together a Best of Grant McLennan for the 'Spill to mark the third anniversary of his passing.

nilpferd said...

Number three should play now. Nice idea re Grant Mclennan, there are about five tracks which come to mind from Watershed and Fireboy, plus numerous Go Betweens.

Jean K said...

nice to hear Kip H and in good company too.

Japanther said...

Really enjoyed the "General Science" track (nice'n spooky start and ending) and "Haunted House" was ace too!

nilpferd said...

Thanks, nice to see some appreciation for Kip Hanrahan et al.