Saturday, January 17, 2009

If you don't have love a dondle will do

ultra vivid scene*
art brut*
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone*
The Cure 'us or them'*
TV On The Radio
Liz Phair
Bright Eyes*
Her Space Holiday*
Hot Chip
Cowboy Junkies
Ten Minutes With My Dad
Frazier Chorus
The Cure 'alt.end'
*should work for the theme... What do I know !


Shoegazer said...

UVS - not heard that one before. really liked the Art Brut too. Prefer the later Casiotone stuff & am still working on Hot Chip.

saneshane said...

The UVS is only on the 12" of She Screamed and is one of my Favorite tracks by them- what is vinyl crackle or what is the noise he made?- make up your own minds.

Casiotone are very hit and miss at any time.. out of about 60/70 tracks 17 have made it on to a best of that I can listen to.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - a Frazier Chorus track that I've never heard before! Excellent - what's it from? (I know, Google knows the answer - but it always seems more polite to ask...)

saneshane said...

it's off "ray" ToffeeBoy
I picked it up as some of the villages I go and work in nicely put on cd and record fairs while I'm about... I organise work around them at times.. obsessive me?

this cd had "the baby album" in with it (4 remixes) and cost 1.50 I think.

MC Sane said...

what a playlist stunning I say.