Saturday, January 24, 2009


Papa Legba
Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
The Phantom
Love Is A Ghost
Ghost In The Snow
Maybe Sprout Wings
Welcome, Ghosts
Lost Souls On Funk


Blimpy said...

The title of track 7 evoked sunday lunch decisions for me before i clocked what it was actually referring to.

Can't wait to listen, but have to go for an arctic walk first!

Shoey said...

Sprouts & wing's for lunch with a deep fried mars bar for desert. Clash sample alert for #4.

Japanther said...

Liked all of this Shoey, and all of it was new to me.

Special shout outs for Renegade Soundwave, The Mountain Goats and EITS.

Nice to hear The Cult too, never been a fan, but listening there transported me back 15 years to Milton Keynes Bowl, watching them support Guns'N'Roses! Fond memories!

nilpferd said...

Finally had some time to listen to some playlists..
Nice percussion to start off Papa Legba, that's one thing the Heads could always do well.
Also particularly liked The Phantom. Favourite would be Lost souls on funk, very reminiscent of DJ Food/Coldcut, my kind of thing.

Shoey said...

Japanther - Never a big fan of the Cult either, but some of their tunes hold up well. Nearly got to see them last year & their last album wasn't bad.

Nilpferd - Plenty more where lost souls came from. The last 3 Caberet Voltaire albums, were essentially Richard Kirk efforts (The other member, Stephen Mallinder, buggered off to Australia) & umpteen other solo albums.