Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Black Veil - who knew?

Well, not me for a start - I always thought LBV was a traditional song. See, this is what'll happen once everyone downloads their music and doesn't have a CD cover to peer at the small print on. It's a 'composed' song written by Danny Dill, who's just died (but I don't think anyone mentioned him on RR so we're safe) in 1959, making it now 50 years old or nearly. There's quite a bit in the Grauniad obit about his inspiration for it.

The video is Barack's mate Bruce, with the Seeger Sessions band.


debbym said...

I always understood it was a political song with a veiled message (see what I did there?)

Shoey said...

Rather fond of Nick Cave's version from the "Pricks" cover album, but then I've always been fond of Nick Cave & the respect he has for his musical & literary influences.