Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have you seen the ghostly playlist?

Louis Armstrong--Skeleton in the Closet
Burning Spear--The Ghost
Budos Band--Ghost Walk
Decemberists--Eli, the Barrow Boy
Decemberists--Yankee Bayonet
Decemberists--Leslie Ann Levine
M. Ward--One Life Away
Regina Spektor--Ghost of Corporate Future
Tom Waits--Back in the Good Old World
Tom Waits--Good Old World (waltz)
Arab Strap--Haunt Me
Lupe Fiasco--The Cool
Raveonettes--Attack of the Ghost Riders
White Stripes--Walking with a Ghost


saneshane said...

a dond to all 14 tracks..
been meaning to back you up on the m.ward.. but have been busy today..
and I meant to open up the itunes to find some Regina Spektor, i just couldn't pinpoint what I was looking for.. I do think there is even more decemberist too, such good tracks.

steenbeck said...

Thanks for listening, Saneshane. You'll be making a 'Spill list, won't you?

saneshane said...

I'm getting there..
just catching up on RR and seen that I did get around to donding m.ward for you! (1am at the end of the week eh)

I tried to send you a couple of songs as attachments yesterday but your e-mail wouldn't accept it, is it full, they were quite large files?

steenbeck said...

No, it's not full. I don't think so anyway. Try again! I'm curious.

If there's anything you want that I've ever played let me know. I'm hoping to get my lazy self to the post office Monday.

TracyK said...

Thanks for the continual plugging of The Decemberists, can't wait for the new lp in March! I've also downloaded The Rake from their website: cheery little ditty! Being a father doesn't seem to have made Colin especially sentimental, has it? Lovely image, your two lads bopping away to a list of infanticide. Good list, as ever Steen.

saneshane said...

i tried again but its not working..
tin.. has sent a link to share.. I'll try tomorrow
Thanks tin.

Shoegazer said...

About time Regina showed up again - good Raveonettes track too.

Japanther said...

Nice variety Steenbeck.

Liked nearly all of it, especially Decemberists (3rd one), Burning Spear and I hadn't heard that White Stripes cover before - great stuff!

Can't make up my mind about Tom Waits though. He's an artist that is spoken about in reverent tones that force people to use the word "artist" like I just did.....but, but, hmm....I don't know...on paper I should love him, and I DID like the tracks there....maybe I need to hear a whole album to put him into better perspective....

nilpferd said...

The Budos Band is wonderful, and that's another great Lupe Fiasco suggestion.
Love the cartoon as well.

Blimpy said...

Good bit of Regina there, I find her quite hit n miss, but this is a hit!

steenbeck said...

TracyK--I didn't even think about that! it is funny. Proof that you can get people to dance to a song about anything.

Japanther--I almost said "listen to these tracks even if you don't like Tom Waits" They're from the soundtrack to the movie Night On Earth, and I'd recommend the whole album. Not the most obvious starting point for him, but I like all of it, and it has a lot of instrumental tracks, so if it's his voice that bothers you...

Blimpy--I feel the same way about Regina Spektor. She's often way too tori amos-y for my taste. But she's very clever, lyrically, and she does have some kind of mad-genius thing going on.

magicman said...

Great list steenbeck - Loved Armstrong, Spear, Decemberists and Lupe Fiasco in paRTICULAR woops my kitten just stepped on the keys...
Prefer Leslie Ann Levine to Yankee Bayonet or Eli if just one were chosen
which playlist type is this ?

steenbeck said...

For Heaven's sake, I tried responding twice and it disappeared each time.

Thanks Magicman, for listening and commenting. It's Boxstr.

And Decemberists-wise I'm completely obsessed with Eli the Barrow boy at the moment, I think because I've had the album for years, but it was this RR comment that made me really listen to the beautiful melody, which is why I love RR so much. Well, one reason...

steenbeck said...

I meant this RR subject, not this RR comment. VEry tired.