Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday 'Spill

Jumping on Shane's bandwagon, here are some more onesies for the birthday blog, 'Spill points for naming the artist (no peeking):
The Lonely One
One Afternoon in a Hot Air Balloon
One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing
This One's Broken
Another One Bites The Dust (No, It's Not That One)
She's The One
One Of Us
You're The One
You Know This One
Just One More


glasshalfempty said...

Lovely set as ever, Shoey. Even without 'Plus ones' from Okkervil River...

Couldn't do the guessing game 'cos when I click on a file it goes straight into iTunes and plays, revealing the full tags. Oh well, I wouldn't have got any anyway, tho' I might have guessed Duane Eddy & Black Keys were the bands. Nice to discover yet another tasty NZ band - hadn't come across Dead Pan Rangers before. No doubt Nilpferd knows them...

Now getting my "two" list together for next year...

saneshane said...

haven't listened yet as the record player is taking priority (yes it's Animal Collective too)

but I'm going to put a bet on a.c Marias having a girl missing!

photo looks a bit Simon Larbalestier (monkey gone to heaven sleeve photographer)

(..and did you ask about 100 track cds back down there somewhere?
they are just mp3 compilations.. when you click on burn disc a 'burn settings' window should pop up.
default is audio cd, but further down is mp3 and then data disc.
click mp3.. save postage when sending to the U.S!
they will only play on newer cd players, but fine on a computer.
Is that what you meant?)

shall listen soon..

Shoey said...

@Ghe, Glad you liked it. Don't know much about the Dead Pan's - but love this track.

@Shane, stole the pic from Fickr, as usual. Thanks for the tip, haven't used that option as it doesn't work for mp4's - but that could come in handy.

4 down...

saneshane said...

it is annoying when you have to convert too many tracks over... but its not as though they go in a perfect order....

looking at your writing under happy birthday, I should have used..
"I like riding on tractors, not bandwagons"
too late now!

Manitoba/Caribou is 'she's the one' but I don't have this track so don't know what guise he is in.
and Wire after that and Lambchop after a.c Marias

and does the very start of Duane eddie sound like the Smiths bit that Soho stole for 'Hippy Chick' obviously Marr got his influences somewhere.

Shoey said...

@Shane, He seems to be going by Caribou these days. Any guitarist should acknowledge Mr. Eddy, but very few come close. Will remember to jump on your farm equipment next time.

treefrogdemon said...

OK, today is the 8th and so this is in fact the 'Spill birthday, right? (Elvis used to have a birthday today as well.) So...happy birthday, dear 'Spill, and thank you Blimpy for putting it all together and helping us to be harmonious for a year. Long may it continue! (hic) (sorry) Cheers!

(And happy birthday to you you January birthdaypersons too.)

ToffeeBoy said...

Now I'll join in the 'Spillebrations seein' and bein' as how it's the right date!

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Spi-ill
Happy Birthday To You

Wir Kommen Alle Gratulieren
Zum Geburtstag Unser 'Spille-lein!

Can we have 'Spill birthday greetings in other languages, please?

treefrogdemon said...

Bonne anniversaire!
iFeliz cumpleanos! (with a ~ on the n of course)

steenbeck said...

Feliz Cumpleaños, el Spillacita la mas fina!!

ejaydee said...

Joyeux anniversaire,
Nos vœux les plus sincères,
Que ce beau gâteau vous apporte le bonheur
Que la vie entière vous soit douce et légère,
Et que l’an fini, nous soyons tous réunis pour chanter en choeur: Bon anniversaire!

Shoey said...

Have a nice day.