Friday, January 16, 2009

No I don't want to love you

Betty Davis, with some good reasons not to fall in love..

Others not overly enamoured of Aphrodite..

Graeme Downes, of the Verlaines, is feeling a bit puckered out.. after all he does trying to please the ladies, he still seems to spend his Saturday nights lying comatose in pubs..
Lying in state is a classic Verlaines track, with ringing guitars and anguished vocals. Lyrics here, for anyone unfamiliar with Graeme's down-under diction..

More Flying Nun.. Jay Clarkson, of the Expendables, sings of the Man with no desire..

Biscuit, by Portishead, with that fantastic slowed down Johnny Ray sample..

Serge Gainsbourg's Je T'aime.. moi non plus, remixed into a downbeat classic by Dzihan and Kamien.

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Blimpy said...

I've not heard that Portishead for ages.

nilpferd said...

Me neither, but this week's topic put it back into my head. Made me listen to Dummy again, very enjoyable.

saneshane said...

love the build up to 'the man..'
biscuit is an all time fav
and enjoyed the Je t'aime remix too

and my NZ find via Germanys Morr label is Surf City think they have a bit of flying nun in them and many others but: