Saturday, January 24, 2009


The Slow Club
Roots Manuva
Radical Face
Electric President
Wolfgang Press
wrong Wolfgang press ..should be ghosts from 10 years earlier... I've so tried to keep this short, go to spill monster post October 31st for more...
this is one of the subjects I love..  if you want my proper ghost cds with art work- e-mail me.
I post them snail mail.


steenbeck said...

Haha! Haven't had time to listen yet, but I can tell your list is popular because my first track below had one listen and it's had 6 since you posted yours!

saneshane said...

it's half passed midnight here so people must be coming in drunk and playing the first thing up!!!

(as we all stay in mostly and get drunk when the kids go to sleep , it must be newbees)

saneshane said...

if you read this and you are still in Norfolk..we make good cups of tea here.. or killer coffee!!

Shoegazer said...

A fine Spooky list, particularly liked Slow Club & Electric President. Seems you beat me to The Press this week too.

Japanther said...

Usually high standard Shane, all good with Fog and Electric President being favourites for me..and a nice culmination of a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon spent 'Spill listening!

DarceysDad said...

You know me, Shane, I'll never say no.

nilpferd said...

Roots Manuva has such amazing voice and lyrics.
Also liked Sole and FOG a lot.
Great graphics as ever.
With all that coffee it's no wonder you have so many monsters and ghosts around in Norfolk, if recent reports about the hallucinogenic properties of coffeine are anything to go by.. now, I have to go and make my third cup of sicilian olive wood roasted arabica..
BTW, I was thinking of sending you a 3D's compilation, seeing as you're such a Pixies fan.. it's about time I joined the CD circuit..

saneshane said...

I'll sort a comp for you then DsD..
I have some other stuff for you to give a listen to...

did you download the go home productions 'Spliced Krispies' by the way (can't remember if I've asked before) think you'd approve if you haven't.

Now to get that bloody 10 narrowed down from t'other arf!

I think Electric President/radical face could almost fill a spooky 10 on his own

I don't think we are converting many to the charms(!) of the press... I might add 'ghost' later.

the Fog album is another class ninja tune product from about 2000, my fav track is Pneumonia..
I tried to get it in RRs illness and depression themes... here's a coldcut remix:

cheers all for the listen.

just did a preview and @nilpferd has popped up..

my church of atheism gives a big thumbs up to Roots manuva 'let the spirit' too.. watch here:
such gorgeous light in the video.. and once again he matches great beats with his voice and words.. he swears introducing it if you got kids about.

post would be cool nilpf
e-mail me at
and we can swap addresses

nilpferd said...

Just watched Roots M, amen to that..
Address on its way.

DsD said...

No Shane, didn't know about Spliced Krispies ... downloading as I type; thanks.

Off for mega family dinner now, and won't re-appear until after the footy. Here's hoping we're better than we were on Monday.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - back in Hertfordshire in time for the match - younger daughter's match was postponed so didn't have to hurry back as much as we might have but the weather was such crap there this morning that there wasn't much to encourage us to stay.

We were staying with some friends in a beautiful cottage near the Suffolk border (in between Thetford and Diss). Went for a lovely walk yesterday afternoon and enjoyed one of the most spectacular winter sunsets I've ever seen. The heating wasn't working so it was (*** very strong expletive deleted***) cold but the area is so beautiful and there were lots of interesting farmland-type winter birds to keep me out of mischief.

Thanks for the offer of a cuppa (if it was an offer) - maybe next time?

saneshane said...

pop in quick at half time.. with Toffeboy happier

yep it was an offer of a cuppa.. would have been a fare bit further up for you to travel.. but always a welcome in norwich for those passing. (not that anyone passes this side of the country!) and yes it is a grim sodden day here.

Shoey said...

Shane - a ghost comp with art sounds awsome. What I really want to hit you up for are some Shane art T-shirts for the shoeteens. What can we trade? I can offer an On-U best of off the top of my head, if there is anything else let me know.

saneshane said...

shoey- e-mail me

we shall sort something out.. some t-shirts I mean.
got to sleep.. I'm working early for a couple of weeks..