Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ONE year on..

cheers to those having January birthdays.. all at the ICA this evening on a RR social.. and the weather for keeping Blimpy at home this time last year.. 
spill is one
Number ONE son
Lucky ONEs
No ONE does it like you
ONE man brawl
Special ONE
ONE more chance
ONE dead groove
ONE life away
ONE for my soul(good night)
 ....and to Blimpy..the only indie kid in the village..the rest of us have enjoyed crashing the disco !


B-mac said...

Aw shucks....you are too kind.

glasshalfempty said...

Brilliant mash up, SS. And a lovely chill out set for a grey winter's day. I am in awe of your record collection...

Shoey said...

So good, I had to steal the idea.

steenbeck said...

Who is everyone? Is that Camera Obscura? (# 1 son).

Loved the mix-up.

steenbeck said...

Oh, heh heh. Of course it's # 1 son. I have that.

Blimpy said...

2009 will mark Camera Obscura's comeback - i really can't wait!

Blimpy said...

Wait! Who sings "drinking cheap wine to bossanova"? - was that Jens i heard?

Yet another mysteriious and awesome mash up! Esp framed round the VW CCKK thang.

Your record collection is mighty indeed!

TracyK said...

I'm another January baby, though with the benefit of being a late January baby: its always meant I don't feel too sad when Christmas is over! Happy birthday to all of us, aint we lovely?

saneshane said...

1 saneshane (the birthday film is waiting til tomorrow that goes with it!)
2 camera obscura
3 broken social scene
4 department of eagles
5 i am kloot
6 ultra vivid scene with kim deal
7 the real tuesday weld
8 baby bird
9 that man m.ward
10 her space holiday (the words to this are great)