Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Somebody played this for me last week, and now it's stuck in my head.

And this is cool too:

And just because:


steenbeck said...

Well, I want a shiny green plaid jacket. One of the youTube comments described it as the granddaddy of beatboxing. They SHOULD add a techno beat to it!

And thanks for the sweet dreams video. We have a snow day--no school but it's been pelting freezing rain since early morning, so no playing outside, either. NOthing like an animated cupcake making a carrot cabin to fight off the cabin fever.

FP said...

I'm with Steenbeck - people, you HAVE to watch Frenchy's middle video - the cupcake one. I loved loved loved it. Merci de l'avoir publié! Trop classe....

saneshane said...

I did character that has a head made out of a Celeriac (there's also cookie mountains- it was done when TV on the radio released that album)

that is a great film- both the first two- actually.

ejaydee said...

Thanks ladies and gent, I had one of these days on youtube a while back and decided to search for hambone.

Shane, you might like the art on this, and the AC rip-off musically: