Saturday, January 10, 2009

Latitude is an Attitude

Feso Trombone
The Capstan Shafts
Swan Lake
Iron and Wine
Surf City
The Make-Up
Mad Professor
Spiral Tribe


Japanther said...

Thanks for the Make-Up track Shane, I was hoping you would come through on that one and great playlist as always, loved the Freeland track and the Spiral Tribe one too.

BTW, ANYONE, I bought the new Animal Collective album yesterday (on vinyl of course) and got an extra download coupon inside, so if anyone wants a legitimate copy of the entire album (due out tomorrow!) let me know and i'll find some way to send you the code.......

Blimpy said...

Dig the Make Up, totally!

Have you seen the interview Svenonius does for

saneshane said...

I would have put the Asian Dub foundation up for you as well but can only find the Enemy of the Enemy album at the moment...

I think the site might break tomorrow when we can all download the Animal Collective record... think I'll wait.. enjoying the warmth of the vinyl too much as yet.

No Blimpy I haven't seen the interviews.. are they worth a look?

Blimpy said...

They're the best bit of music tv you may ever see.

It's just him, and the artist, talking - no BS, no stupid questions, no performances. Just intelligent chat about music.

He's done Coxon, Billy Childish, The dude from Fugazi, Kevin Shields and many many more. Take your pick really.

It's called Soft Focus, if you need help finding it. It did a US one, and then a UK one.

Mnemonic said...

I e-mailed Satpal Ram to you but it obviously got lost in the ether. I'll try again.

Japanther said...

@Blimpy - not sure how you find all this stuff, but i'm glad you do....those Svenonious interviews are incredible...thanks!

Ians Svenonius and Mackaye are two of my all-time heroes called Ian (not forgetting Mr Beale of course) so it was great to see them together.

After what was possibly the greatest gig I have ever been to in my life (The Make-Up in a tiny church hall usually reserved for coffee mornings, in Brighton) I got to meet the great man, he was a total gentleman!

Shoey said...

Another fine list - even liked the Iron & Wine, who usually makes me yawn.

Blimpy said...

Japanther - Svenonius is a great thinker - I love that he spends his time pondering the minutae of rock n roll and comes up with interesting hsotorical theories. AND he's a damn snappy dresser.

Where do i FIND THIS stuff? I get about.

This blog is good for garage/ psyche / wierdness: