Monday, January 19, 2009

Peenie Wallie

Proudfoot asked about Jackie Mittoo. I only have one album by him, and I always thought of him as a rocksteady Jimmy Smith or Booker T. and the MGs. I found a few articles about him, here and here of dubious reliability but interesting nonetheless. I was fascinated to find that his song Peenie Wallie, as posted here, was versioned by the Wailers and became Duppy Conquerer, one of my favs.


steenbeck said...

Also--a few years ago I heard, on a college radio station, an indie-ish version of Duppy Conquerer. Not reggae at all. I've never been able to identify it. Anyone know it?

steenbeck said...

Hey, Blimpy, do you think we should put a link to Marconius7's RR index somewhere on this site? With the links or elsewhere? Maybe it already is and I just don't see it.

TatankaYotanka said...

I speak no Welsh ... but that made me do a double take ....

Peelie-wallie (adjective)

Slang Definition:
sick or drunk.

I was feeling a bit Peelie-wallie last night.


Blimpy said...

I'd have to disagree about Peelie-Wallie, here in the Kingdom of Fife we use it to mean pale/pasty/ill looking - which maybe you would be after having too much to drink!

Blimpy said...

Steen - I've adde d it to the linekty links - if you want it in a box on its own, do let me knwo!

gosh what bad typing!! sorry!!!

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Blimpy.

And I tried to find a definition for Peenie Wallie but came up with pale, which could mean off-color or sick, or, for some reason, it kept redirecting me to a definition of firefly. So I still don't really know. It's a sweet song, though, I think.

nilpferd said...

I'm with Blimpy here- peelie wallie as I understand it means generally wan, underfed, pasty faced, or anaemic.
As far as alcohol goes, I've often heard it used in the following context-

yer lookin' awfy peelie wallie there, laddie. d'ya no want a wee dram?

The expression for one who's had too many wee drams would be blutered. As in:

Aye, he wuz a wee bitty peelie-wallie, but after a few drams he went hame blutered.

DarceysDad said...

Forgot to mention earlier: Darcey made me replay Peenie Wallie about six times in a row, until we were summoned to the dining room at teatime.

Cheers on her behalf, sb.

Proudfoot said...

Thanks steeny. Peenie Wallie? Could be a type of firefly.

Proudfoot said...

Sorry. I posted that before I'd finished. I was just going to remark that pale, luminous glow-worms could connect with "peelie-wallie" (Scots- pale and in need of a dram.) If your face were illuminated only by firefly you might look a bit green around the gills.

steenbeck said...

Steeny wallie, I am fairly pale.

I like the ill/pale/glow worm connection. DId you know that in America we don't have glowworms? We only have fireflies.

DsD, I'm glad Darcey liked it. My boys were dancing to it as well. We'll play it at the weddings.

Father of the two future Mrs.A's said...

DEAL!! By the way, what's the official term for the relationship between parents of married couples? Anyone know?

Proudfoot said...

@Fatherofthe2 etc. I think they are known as 'internecine'.

That Peenie Wallie sounds a lot like 'Red Red Wine' doesn't it?