Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Return Of The Other Guy From Arab Strap

I know that over the last year or so I've banged on about how much I like Malcolm Middleton quite a lot, so I think it's time Aidan Moffat (his former Arab Strap partner) got some attention. 
After releasing a jaw-dropping spoken word album last year, he's back with something that's a bit more "singy" (yes, that is a word...) than before and a new musical group The Best Ofs. 
I'm excited about the album that's due to come out shortly, and I love this video he's made - proving that you don't even need to leave your comfy chair to make something great for the web. 


saneshane said...

I can't wait for this album to come out.. about valentines day I think!!
I linked to it a couple of weeks ago- to steen I think.
just found my book of release dates!!! scribbled over by the little 'un.

m.ward releases two days later.

Ya vinyl for the phantom band is 2nd of feb by the way... unless cem underground let it out earlier to some indie shops.. do you know?
...got the 'throwing bones' single from last summer.. was trying to do you a dropbox link.. but I'm too too tied to work it out properly today.

Blimpy said...

hey shane, it went a little like this:

chemikal underground website
phantom band
vinyl LP + 7" + download = £9
what's that? only 500 copies?

Japanther said...

Listening to The Phantom Bands Myspace tunes right now....yes indeed, good stuff!

I used to buy a lot of Chemikal Underground stuff, but was ashamed to find that I didn't know any of the newer stuff on their website...will definitely have to get back into them...

Japanther said...

oh..and I really liked the Aidan Moffat tune too, he sounds positively upbeat. Most out of character!

saneshane said...

had to go to bed last night (early start) but that looks like a fantastic deal and I would have got it straight away....

weird thing is I get in from work and I've got a promo copy on my mat, having a listen now..

a late call for 'the Howling' to get in ghosts eh.

I guess from the blurb on CU the cd has been released.. and if you have ordered the vinyl, can you get the free download already Blimpy?

I think I might have to stop spending this month Polyvinyl records have a sale on.. found loads of interesting stuff but all those heavy records from the U.S.. oh well dollars don't count as real spending to a brit do they!

Any one out there want me to run the banks?

Blimpy said...

shane! how come that stuff just turns up on your doorstep?! i'd love that!!

i think the dl coupon will be in the post.

and, yes, please do!

saneshane said...

Stuff turns up because I was going to be a director of an indie record label... easier for cash reasons to have a uk base...

didn't happen for various shall we say 'musical/artistic' differences..

but I still get pre releases from the bands they went ahead with and demos to check out..

also friends Dj and run record shops (not in England) so I get some promos to sift through if we can do import export in various ways.. all legit.. and bands that wouldn't really get exposure get little pocket of fans in weird places.

(I was playing Ballboy after not listening to them for years after Tracys comments and you posting after a gig.. when my German friend was here... there is a possibility that they are soon to have a new fan base!)

Most of the stuff I get is Scandinavian plus a smattering of U.S indie as they have links to a label there.

Blimpy said...

Wow! I'm well jealous!

My Top 5 Dream Jobs

1. Rock star

2. Record Label Owner

3. Um...

4. That's about it.

5. Oh yeah - Woody Allen (but without the dodginess)