Friday, January 30, 2009

Winners & Losers

Three Coins In The Fountain
Magic Penny
Boy With A Coin
Lucky Number Nine
Dice Man
So Lucky
Have A Lucky Day (Live)
Beautiful Losers
Losers In A Lost Land
Only Losers Take The Bus
The Game
Death Goes to the Winner


Shoey said...

Am I boring you?

DarceysDad said...

Not at all. Don't know about anyone else, but I can't comment on what Boxstr won't let me hear! And as of yet, I haven't had time to listen ...

Off to the Gym in a couple of mins, then Darcey's got a birthday party to go to, lunchtime, then it's haircuts for everyone, then footy time, then teatime, then bathtime for the girls, etc., etc. So gimme about another 12 hours and I might be ready for Cranky PC vs. Boxstr Round#93

Rock'n'roll lifestyle, huh?

nilpferd said...

That's a nilpferd injoke..
whenever I ask my fellow Nilpferd (upon noticing a certain glazed expression) if I am boring her, she replies, of course, it's the only thing you can do..

I suppose that is in itself boring, but such is the life we lead...

I listened to your playlist last night Shoe, not boring, but I lucked out trying to find something I really liked.. last week's was more my cup of tea..
Thanks for the Richard H. Kirk info btw, I'll check it out.

saneshane said...

Those of us who use boxstr are just sulking because we think you've broken it!!!!!

I even upgraded my account as the band-width wouldn't reset grrrrrrr..

any way on with your tunes.. (I shoved them on my pod for a listen in a rush yesterday morning.. with a slightly fat head.. and a belief that they had been posted by steenbeck)

So I thought she must have stolen your record collection until I checked when I got home.. just about coped until 'Death goes to the winner' not for a delicate head, that one.

Iron and wine work well in compilations I think.. Morphine I still need to get hold of.(I know I say it every time you post them.. then I get distracted)
Clock dva.. magazine and the fatimas all passed the shane hung over test!!!

now is that bloody site working today- trouble is my list is getting longer as time passes.

treefrogdemon said...

It's working for me now...but I have no bandwidth!

Blimpy said...

Diamond Dave Enthusiasts, you probs should play Diamond Dave Asteroids:

It's too funny!

Shoey said...

Thanks for stoking my ego folks - wasn't sure if anyone was listening, either by choice or thanks to the latest Boxtr upgrade, which seems about as successful as the RR one. Am starting to believe that IT pros do a crap job on purpose to keep themselves in work.

Will try to throw some more electronic/instrumental stuff in next time for Nilpferd. Was quite pleased to get Doris Day & Harvey Milk in the same playlist - a first I think.

DarceysDad said...

Love that deep horn (sax?) on Have A Lucky Day.

DsD said...

@ Blimpy, I don't get ANYTHING on screen when I try that Diamond Dave Asteroids link.