Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gigs notifications

Someone recently posted something about how we should let each other know about gigs but I can't remember whether it was here or on the mothership.

One suggestion was through "Events" on last.fm but that won't work very well as you can't add an event to a group page (though you can do a shout). Anyway, I have a list of people I often e-mail about stuff that's on so is it better to copy that information here or to the last.fm group page? More people read this one.

For the moment, tomorrow night I will be at Cafe Oto for Ben Nash and Gareth Hardwick


Next Thursday 100 Club for RockingMitch (wegottickets.com lists this under Love Music Hate Racism rather than his band name)

Friday 30th, David Thomas Broughton. Doveman, and Sam Amidon at Bush Hall

Sunday 1 Feb, Bush Hall again for an acoustic all-dayer



treefrogdemon said...

Tomorrow, Jan 21, I'm at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow for Richard Thompson's 1000 Years of Popular Music - see rave reviews in the Grauniad and the Obs.

Mnemonic said...

oops, Cafe Oto is Thursday not tomorrow

Abahachi said...

I'm not sure that there's anyone likely to be interested in this neck of the woods, but Saturday week (31st) the great Gilad Atzmon is playing Sherborne Jazz Club.

Shoey said...

Sounds like you may be absent for some time TFD!

Blimpy said...

Goodbye Lenin, Henry's, Auld Reekie, 30th!

Tim (Kalyr) said...

Panic Room - The Garage, Swansea, Jan 30th
Panic Room (again) - The Peel, Kingston, Jan 31st

And a couple for next month (I reckon we need one of these posts per month)

Mostly Autumn - Manchester Academy 3 - Friday Feb 27
Mostly Autumn - London Shepherds Bush Empire, Saturday Feb 28 (this gig is being recorded for a live album)

Tim (Kalyr) said...
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ToffeeBoy said...

How do you people have so much time to go to gigs? I've been to three in the last ten years (S Club 7, The Kaiser Chiefs & Jonathan Richman).

I mean, Tim(Kalyr)'s even going to all his gigs twice!

Tim (Kalyr) said...

Hmm. Not quite sure how I managed to double post there.

That used to happen all the time on the old Grauniad comment engine when it ran slow - amazing how we've forgotten that...

ToffeeBoy said...

@ Tim(Kalyr) - now you've spoiled my joke!

b-Mac said...

hey japanther - does andrew wk doing an album of j-pop covers make any sense to you?


Japanther said...

b-Mac - thanks for that, I hadn't heard about it - unbelievable!!

some cynics (i.e me) might say that's he's just got a list of karaoke favourites for people in their 30's and added a couple of current chart hits (one of the tracks is still riding high in the charts as we speak), but I say good on him, if you're going to do a J-pop covers album, you might as well do it right....and there are a couple of ace Japanther family karaoke favourites in there ("Linda Linda" and "GakuenTengoku") which I love!

...not sure about the translated versions though...but will definitely be trying to try to track down a few downloads from it

TatankaYotanka said...

@ tfd did you catch Richard Thompson on BBC Radio 4, Front Row last night. interview and a couple of songs; you'll find it on 'listen again' for the next week. Have fun tonight, I keep missing this show.

For happy gigsters here there and everywhere ...

These are the ' I wish' ones ...

Van Der Graaf Generator

21st BUDAPEST, Hungary Palace of Arts, Bartok National Concert Hall
22nd PRAGUE, Cech Republic, Palac Akropolis
23rd ASCHAFFENBURG, Germany, Colos-saal
26th MALAGA, SPAIN, Teatro Cervantes

tried to tempt Sourpus with tonight's show.

These are the ones I can get to with my Oyster ...

Sat 24th Journey To Inaccesible Places - Concert of Sacred Music for the Piano, Elan Sicroff playing works by Gurdjieff and de Hartman - Steiner House, London.

27th Kath Tait on the Klinker Club bill, Maggies Bar, Stoke Newington Church Street

28th Jackie Leven - The Sheepwalk, Leytonstone

treefrogdemon said...

Tatanka - no, I didn't. Thanks!

Shoey - no, it's OK, he only does a selection.

glasshalfempty said...

The gig list was Tim's idea, and I think it's a great idea if we can make it work in a useful way. Even tho' I read the gig ads in the papers and music mags, I keep hearing about them when the only tickets left are in the back row - if at all (Dylan & Antony & the J's are the most recent examples). So what I need the most is some sort of alert the second a gig is announced/goes on sale. Maybe there's already a website that does this? Suggestions?

debbym said...

10cc are playing here the week after next (not that I expect anyone to want to come along!) and mrdebbyjr wanted to get me tickets for my birthday. BUT they cost 42 E's (at a venue where you'd rarely pay more than 25), which is a lot of money for us, and I feel I'd be paying out for a cover band, as only Graham Gouldman is still there from the original line-up. Have I just got old and bad-tempered??

DarceysDad said...

No Debby, you haven't. Gordon & I are having similar misgivings about Lynyrd Skynyrd at Manchester in May. Now I'll admit the two of us are not good supporting evidence to the contrary - we ARE both (getting) old and (already) bad-tempered - the wider discussion we had suggested that context matters. If a one-original-member band is pitching themselves high, as your ticket cost implies, then sod'em. If they aren't falsely claiming still to be the glory boys of yore, then I'm quite happy to go see them ... so for me, UFO playing Academys score, Deep Purple half-filling arenas get the red card.

And don't start me on cover bands, just don't. I abhor the whole 'tribute' band industry, notwithstanding that a friend (of 25 years and counting) was the bass player & company MD of one of the country's biggest Pink Floyd copyists.

Tim (Kalyr) said...

@DsD: Come to think of it, Uriah Heep now have had only one original member (Mick Box) for years now, and since drummer Lee Kerslake had to step down due to ill-health he's the only remaining member of the classic mid-70s lineup. And they're on their fifth singer.

But live, they just blow the roof off all the same.

Agree with you about Deep Purple - two years ago at the MEN Arena, special guests Styx blew them off the stage.

BTW, you said you can't do Mostly Autumn in Feb - they're playing the Picturedrome in Holmfirth in May, not sure of the exact date. That's not far from your neck of the woods, is it?

treefrogdemon said...

For RT fanatics (me and cauliflower, anyway), last night's setlist:

Queen of Heaven (?)(have asked RT what this is really called)
Three Ravens
So Ben Di Ca Bon Tempo
False Knight On the Road
Pipe, Shepherds, Pipe
When I Am Laid In Earth
Remember O Thou Man
Blackleg Miner
I Live in Trafalgar Square
Down By the Salley Gardens
A Man Who Would Woo a Fair Maid
Java Jive
Night and Day
Drinking Wine Spo-dee O-dee
All Right (I'll Sign the Papers)
See My Friends
Friday On My Mind
Money Money Money
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes
Ja Nus Hons Pris (Richard the Lionheart's song)
Cry Me a River
Beatles medley: Hold Me Tight, There's a Place, I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Top stuff!

Shoey said...

Good to see a Mne. post, btw - it's been a while (even though the choice of pic gave me a freaky moment).

TatankaYotanka said...

@tfd Just managed to book for RT when he swings back through London at the end of the tour :-)

Going to be staying in Glasgow for the weekend of 6th to the 9th Feb in order to go to the Wales game at Murrayfield on the Sunday ... any gigs to recommend? I know you're not exactly 'in town' but if you've got an ear to the ground ...

cauliflower said...

cheers treefrogdemon ;-)
Thank you for the list - I forgot about making a list and had forgotten some of them, though seeing yours I can almost recreate the evening... I don't think he played anything different at the Barbican. The girls were good too, no?
I was so much in the music I lost track completely of what songs had gone past - at the end we wanted to go back the start again! We came home singing Shenandoah in the car, played all the instruments in the house and vowed to have singing lessons.
How about an online SpillScratch orchestra jam?

treefrogdemon said...

@Tatanka: well, there's Robyn Hitchcock, who has an RR following, on the 7th...a good site is http://www.ents24.com/web/whatson/music/Glasgow.html?genres=music&date=1233922332

@cauli: Judith Owen gets on my nerves bigtime - she has a great voice but she WILL ornament it so, and I find her gesturing annoying too. Liked the 1000-year frock though. Debra Dobkin is just wonderful. The thing that was missing for me was the RT-audience banter, which couldn't really get started because there were no requests. The onstage banter was obviously rehearsed.

cauliflower said...

FP - I think I'd be willing to exchange living in a UK for being able to find fresh fish in a French market! Could have alliterated that even more, probly. Now the days are getting lighter,I'm imaginingmyself catching fish off Atlantic coast rocks... Must check holiday dates.

TFG - yes, we thought Judith Owen had an amazing vocal instrument but the twiddling got on my nerves a bit too. Debra was fab, and the dress SO cool we've been drawing patterns, so I can cut a dash in the summer... she must have it in several colours, too, cos there's a red one on her website. I'm 6'2", so it may frighten the horses ;-)
If I can start singing even a 100th as well as JO I'll be happy...

I wonder about the banter - it must be very dull to say the same things over and over but I guess you have to, unless you make an art of bumbling. I thought Teddy and RT were very funny at the Christmas show, but maybe that was in part because I want to be adopted into a musical family, so anything they say makes me feel adoring.

treefrogdemon said...

@cauliflower & Tatanka: I've heard back from RT (!) that the first song is called Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene, and if you YouTube that there's a medley of several versions of it - including one by Shirley and Dolly Collins which I find I've got on vinyl. Haven't listened to it for years!

Also, the setlist seems to be the same for the whole tour (he sent me the Barbican one) which is a bit sad - different from what usually happens.

Blimpy said...

Jonathan Richman appears to be playing London in March - i bet a fair few spillers will be at those 4 dates!

Tim (Kalyr) said...

So, any Spillers going to Panic Room at The Peel in Kingston on Saturday, or am I going to be the only one of this little group there?

TatankaYotanka said...

@ Tim, Saturday is out; going to an annual wake known as The Foggy Day in memoriam of friend and huge music enthusiast, Jamie Fogg. Looked like a Hells Angel, ... worked at the Treasury, .. Gordon Brown sent a letter of condolence when he died having gone into hospital ... for minor surgery ... We'll be doing all the things he liked best; good ale, curry and loud music ... in various combinations from about 3pm.

Still going to be at Jackie Leven's gig at The Sheep Walk, Leytonstone tomorrow night.

@tfd ... thanks for the fascinating update. Wierdly, I had someone new start at work on Monday and his leaving present from his last job was a ticket for Thommo at The Barbican next week, .... heheh, now he's going to have to buy the new boss a drink :). It will be odd knowing the set list ... I've been at one of the audience 'lucky dip' shows where Vincent Black Lightning came up about six songs in ;-).

treefrogdemon said...

@Tatanka: oh,sorry, thought you said it was this week. I'd love to go to one of the request shows. Heard he was complaining about vote-rigging (shades of Dempsey) because Persuasion and Mingulay kept coming up. What, RT, nobody really likes those? They're my current favourites.