Saturday, January 3, 2009

myth! myth!

King Sunny Ade--Ogun Party Part 1
Celeste Mendoza y Los Papines--Papa Ogun
Jean Redpath--Riddles Wisely Expounded
Jean Redpath--Song of the Seals
Beausoleil--J'ai Marie un Ouvrier
Decemberists--Crane Wife Parts 1 & 2
Decemberists--Crane Wife Part 3
Colin Meloy--Barbara Allen
Black Jack Davey
Black Jack Davey
Power of Zeus--Sorcerer of Isis
Blackalicious --Ego Trip by Nikki Giovanni
VIolent Femmes--Agamemnon


ejaydee said...

Did you see this:

steenbeck said...

Thanks, Ejaydee, I have a couple of Idle Warship tracks from a mix tape, but not this one! I like it. I'm not sure how I feel about Idle Warship in general. I'm not always as fond of Kweli's more R&Bish tracks, if that's the right way to describe them, and I think these tend in that direction. But we shall see. I'll have to bookmark Kanye's blog, there's a lot of good stuff on there, no?

ejaydee said...

I see what you mean, I'd never heard of Idle Warship until you mentioned them. Is is supposed to be his slightly more eloctro-ish side project?

There is a lot of good stuff on Kanye's blog, there's also a lot of average stuff. Basically there's a lot of stuff. Maybe you could bookmark just some categories, on the right'hand side. That's where I heard the first Q-Tip tracks, and he planted the seed that got me looking for more from Souls Of Mischief than just '93 'til Infinity.

steenbeck said...

It's a project with Res, an R&B/soul singer from Philly. I like her voice, and I do like the more electroish numbers I've heard; but I've just never completely liked hip hop tracks with that meandering R&Bish sound in them, whether male or female, (but honestly female is worse). Not sure why. And there are so many of them, too, by practically every artist that I listen to and respect. So who knows?

I do like the generosity of Kanye's blog--supporting other artists or saying "I have this chair." Maybe we can get him to blog about David's furniture.

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ejaydee said...

I'd like to see that:

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