Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starting a Forest Fire

Happy New Year to all you freedom fighters for great music.

In all likelihood I first heard of Brooklyn band Forest Fire from someone on t'Spill. I like this track for the phrase "Gatling gun social skills" (apologies for the lo-fi vid). Their song 'Slow motion' is one of the best things I've heard this year(!). To top it all, the whole of their first album, Survival, is available free (they are 'doing a Radiohead'). Go to Catbird Records.

***EDIT*** I don't know why this pesky video won't always play. If you get 'No longer available' they're lying. Try here


Blimpy said...

Great video - dig the too-far-zoomed-in-party! vibe.

Good grooves too. Grand build-up on the second track.

steenbeck said...

I couldn't play the video, but I liked the track and I looked at their myspace page and liked as well. I'd be more articulate, but my boys are sick, and I've been up 2 nights just listening to them breathe, and today a fever has set in. Out of my mind.

Anyway, thanks for posting. I like the slight cacophony or dissonance, or whatever it is.

steenbeck said...

Sorry, upon reflection that was overly dramatic and completely irrelevant. Very tired. Now off to get the Forest fire album.

glasshalfempty said...

Steen - sorry to hear the boys are feverish. Kids are fantastically resilient, and their ails are often extreme but quick. They also benefit from a very attentive personal nurse AKA you. So they'll be fine. Not sure if playing them Forest Fire will aid or hinder! Hope they're back on their feet soon.