Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Songs of Love & Hate

I Don't Know Why I Love You
Fears Of Gun
Stay The Fuck Away From Me
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Shut The Fuck Up
Love In Vain
He Hate Me
The Hate Inside
The Matter (of Our Discussion)
Fatal Attraction
La Folie
I Believe
Raindrops (live)


DarceysDad said...

Downloads aren't giving me artists, Shoey.

Shoey said...

They're tagged for iTunes but I guess you're still supporting Bill Gates. We have: House of Love, Birthday Party, Lightspeed Champion, Swans, Coathangers, Ruts, Thee More Shallows, Beasts of Bourbon, Boom Bip w/Nina, Mark Stewart, Stranglers, Buzzcocks, Tindersticks.

Back later, Mrs. Shoe is on strike & I'm cooking supper - May god have mercy on us all.

steenbeck said...

Shoegazer, I liked the whole list. I liked the contrast between angry fuck-you-love, and melancholy where-is-love. I have to listen again because I've had an amazingly distracting weekend with stir crazy kids demanding to watch scooby doo on youTUbe.

I was thinking about your comment on the mothership about how this is a pretty bleak topic. Maybe we can do something more cheerful on the 'Spill in the beginning of the week? There are a lot of topics I missed as a relative latecomer to RR that it might even be fun for old time RRers to revisit (Enduring love being one) If one person makes a list, others will follow...

DarceysDad said...

Cheers, Shoey.

Being a bit schizo re my technology at the moment. I'm still on a PC, but running Safari for Windows. I still default to MediaPlayer, as iTunes only copied over 16k out of my 21k songs, but the Apple software will eventually catch up as Windows is refusing to rip any CDs for some reason.

Re food: you could always ring the Rare Groove Cafe to see if they deliver. I understand they've a special this weekend on burgers!

DarceysDad said...

Oh and Shoey? I've solved the data transfer incompatability issues, and I've got a nice little prezzie for you for next month.

Shoey said...

Steen, glad you liked it & glad your boys are better.

Darce, looking forward to it. Will let you know when I get my hands on our tickets & we can plan from there.

Proudfoot said...

Nice one Shoey. Especially enjoyed Love in Vain. It doesn't make being in love sound much fun does it, (despite the insouciant harmonica/piano/cheery dub sounds)? Being in the Ruts probably was fun, while it lasted.
Thee More Shallows was new to me. It sounds like the sort of thing Ian Rankin would put on whilst he wrote another late-disillusioned-Rebus novel. Seriously good in other words.

saneshane said...

had to wait a bit until the little un was at grandmas for this playlist but finally caught up..
haven't heard loads of this in a while

really like 'the matter..' you've put it up before and I loved it then

and my version of Fatal attraction is different (probably just an edit)

will soon end up with the entire Stranglers back catalogue.. haven't listened to them this much since i went out with a girl from Ash (the place not the band) in the 80's!

Shoey said...

Cheers Shane, no apologies for the Stranglers as I think they stand the test of time well (Jet's rather feeble drumming aside). You always like what you grow up with I guess.