Friday, June 5, 2009

Outside your comfort zone?

Go on, give it a whirl!

After all, it can't be country music when it's about towns, now can it?

El Paso - the Gourds
Shreveport - the Gourds
Omaha - the Gourds
Raining in Port Arthur - the Gourds
Corpus Christi Bay - Robert Earl Keen
Snowin' On Raton - Robert Earl Keen
San Antonio Girl - Steve Earle


Shoey said...

This pic does not look very Scottish - where's your hometown pic?

tincanman said...

There's a town a couple hours out of Vancouver called Hope.
I just love driving along seeing a sign promising
Hope 24

AliMunday said...

There's a place in South Devon called Hope Cove - it's very pretty, with thatched cottages and blue sea. My friend's daughter was conceived there (apparently) and her middle name is Hope. So much prettier than Brooklyn.

And there's nothing wrong with a little bit of country, either.

tincanman said...

My family has a tradition of naming the kids after the location or circumstances of their conception.

My real name is Don, resulting from a morning coupling which hopefully did not wake my older brother Otto.

Blimpy said...

i think i read a couple of days ago that there's a new Gourds song, or am i completetly mistaken?

Anonymous said...

Thanks TFD, I've only given this a background listening as I was doing some smelly old work; but it certainly helped things along. I like the Steve Earle, it swung along nicely as my spirits rose towards the end of my redrafting.

treefrogdemon said...

Blimpy, there's a new Gourds ALBUM (if you call January new) which spent a couple of weeks at the top of the Americana chart before being dislodged by Willie Nelson...I asked their drummer Keith about this and he said it was an honour.

The track Shreveport is on the album - which is called Haymaker! (exclamation mark theirs not mine)