Monday, June 1, 2009

Waxing Gibbous

If you like Malcolm Middleton, and if you like watching videos, you may like to watch this video about Malcolm and his life. It has Aiden Moffat in it, as well as King Creosote and Pictish Trail too. I'm now very excited to get his new LP, having heard snippets in the video. 

**update, I just ordered the LP from his record label Full Time Hobby, woo hoo!**


saneshane said...

Now don't get me wrong.. this is just class again from MM.

But there are only 500 LPs and my t-shirt LP combo has been hugely anticipated since it was ordered a couple of months ago.

What turned up.. a f**kin CD.
Full Time Hobby you are lush and all that,, but it was my birthday pressie,, and the CD is all book style and gorgeous... but I want my vinyl with 7"...... SULK SULK.
( the nice woman on the phone has promised to sort it )

Have I stamped my feet enough?

Blimp said...

not at all! I'd have a massive eppy if I was expecting a record and got a cd instead. Records are special, whichis why the MM one is my monthly music paydaytreat. It's good that FtH are sorting it for you though. Does this mean you get to keep the cd?

Ps- I'm still in my garden enjoying the heatwave, anyone else doing similar?

saneshane said...

Been sitting in the garden.. but my son keeps putting his head out his bedroom window, going "the moon's so bright it seems like daytime"

Records are special and I way up each purchase a lot, so I can still afford to buy them.

if the whole thing doesn't look great, I'm not going to pay good money.. but if the effort has been put in I'm happy to part with my money.

What did turn up today is the vinyl of 'Kotchy 89'-it's taken a while- but the download of the album was linked straight away.. so a least I could listen to it on a pod... they also apologized and enclosed an extra 7".
Cool art on both, heavy double vinyl 'Civil Music' have saved Full time Hobbys skin but getting this to me today.

EJD it's the sort of thing I imagine you appreciating if you haven't heard it yet.

if you don't mind giving your e-mail the labels really interesting free tracks are here:

what does Kotchy sound like?
old skool computer game pings, some farty bass (that's a good thing), some dubsteppy soundscapes.. some high vocals.. and he doesn't hang around too long on any one track.

ejaydee said...

I haven't heard of Kotchy, will check them out.

Malcolm Middleton said...