Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 times Grandaddy

The Leaves Must Fall
Fallen Not Broken
Fall In And Down On
so - Falling,
that's something to do with having been in the Fall isn't it?
With my fine mathematical mind.. that means.. wait, have to take my socks off...

yep at least 18 of us at the 'spill must have been in the Fall at some point.
All the Way Down
The Decline And Fall Of The Clerkenwell Kid

Way Down
Falling For You
Go Down Easy

Runaway Raindrop
Look On Down From The Bridge


nilpferd said...

Wierd coincidences corner- I noticed that Broken Spindles track on your Nilpferd one compilation cd this afternoon around the time Mara was watching a version of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale on TV- Dornröschen had just pricked her finger on the dreaded spindle as I was reading the title on the cd.. freaky or what.. Mara turned nine Friday and I've told Sandra to get the sewing machine OUT OF THE HOUSE, NOW.. (I knew we should have invited uncle Shane to the pyjama party on Friday..)

saneshane said...

Happy Birthday for last Friday Mara..

spooky - but you wouldn't get me near a needle,.. even as a wicked spell.. so everyone is quite safe!

nilpferd said...

Oh, that's cool.. now, just let me get this sewing machine back in here...



nilpferd said...

BTW, I wasn't in the Fall, but Ich habe geträumt, ich wäre Pizza essen mit Mark E. Smith.

saneshane said...

..had to nip off for a date with a vampire, werewolf and a ghost..
9 o'clock every Sunday.

spotify wont open, so no tocotronic for me tonight.. oh.

saneshane said...

(..but I do have a live in Hamburg version - sounding bizarrely like the Wedding Present!)

INEEDSLEEP - where is that bloody spindle?

Chris said...

An ex-bass player of The Fall works as the caretaker in a local Primary School. Steve I've seen footage of him wrestling with Mark E Smith on stage. Steve's a nice bloke, though.

nilpferd said...

I didn't know The Wedding Present sang in German

glasshalfempty said...

Lovely selection Shane - tho' I can't take BOD (never having had kids).

Weird coincidence corner - I just had a video conference with some colleagues in Cincinatti (I was in London), with snow falling outside the window behind them (much more interesting than the meeting). Then I get home to hear your exquisite Over the Rhine track (OtR being a district in Cincinatti). No, not much of a coincidence, is it? - not in nilpferd's league!

Shoegazer said...

Ah, Bod & Aunt Flo, you couldn't make this stuff up could you? Press - check. Ooh, Spindles - liking that a lot. Windfall - a Shane classic. Soulsavers - check. Weld - another Shane fave - still owe you for that introduction. NASA - check, great album. Jem?, hmm, it's fine but a bit derivative, perhaps? OTR, hmm again. Rev -check. Mazzy, can't go wrong with a bit of Hope to finish. All in all another fine & mellow Shane selection. Cheers

saneshane said...

"tho' I can't take BOD (never having had kids)"
GHE - they were just stories from Buddhist texts, nowt to do with having had kids or not! honest gov'n... why do you think Bod looks the way he does?


Jem isn't going to float your boat is she - especially as I couldn't convince you with Kylie/Chemicals last week!

shoey plays pure pop - is the challenge still in the: 'songs in the series you don't remember the title of that has a sentence that goes on a bit too long for someone to remember and think that 'spill person wouldn't play unexpectedly yet confirming pretty much what you thought their taste was really anyway'

Shoegazer said...

That could be tricky - will give it a try. Meanwhile the shoey disco is still open for a day or two. My door staff have instructions to turn away anyone who is dressed appropriately.