Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Earworms of the Week (Feb 1)

I was working from home while it was all snowy and icy and this got a lot of play. Its better than the one on Feats Don't Fail Me Now. I love Little Feat and hearing this again reminded me of living in South London in the hot long Summer of 1976, before Punk's Year Zero made stuff like this unfashionable. The guitar and organ playing on this is superb and the sound is crystal clear. Allegedly Lowell George mixed the bootleg for release himself.
- Carole Bristol

A serendipitous purchase of Shrimp Boat's Cavale some years ago delivered several oddly-beautiful tunes. This one has a couple of melody lines that just wash around your head and make even the darkest corners a little brighter. Many of the notes are not exactly where they 'should' be but I rather like the ramshackle effect.
- Chris7572

Tin asked for a brash alternative to pretty voices & perfectly tuned guitars.
- Shoegazer

Their new Falling Down A Mountain album has six keeper songs on it, and this and Harmony At My Table are the mosty fully realized (quite a few never seem to get past their initial premse). You'd think Stuart A Staples would be over his lonlieness by now, but apparently not. And he is spot on - there's no place so alone as somewhere you used to belong.
- tincanman

I picked up my guitar the other day and played a G major and for some unconscious reason changed to F minor. I know that sound, I thought. 'Twas The Beach Boys' I Can Hear Music. Picked out the rest of the song and added it to my repertoire.
- webcore

Fintan credits Down Home Girl to the Coasters but research suggests the Alvin Robinson version that he linked to in the RR Rivers thread is actually the 1964 original (Stones cover '65, Coasters cover '66). I first met the song many years back on one of the live albums by the 'Saturday Night Live!' house band, a.k.a. The Blues Brothers, but neither of those boys had enough dip and slip in his voice to match the original. It's so gritty it makes you itch, especially when Alvin mentions his girl wearing a fibreglass dress, for heaven's sake!
- williamsbach

Beyonce won six Grammy's Sunday, which should make her a Spill outcast. And while she's unquestionably in the record selling business, If I Were A Boy shows she's not as vacuous as Simon Cowell's puppet troupe.
- tincanman

NEXT WEEK: One's already in, so 5-6 slots available. It's pretty much first-come first-serve and i'd be nice to hear from people wheo haven't participated yet. Please email rr@tincanland.com by next Tuesday or you'll be stuck with all my picks.


barbryn said...

Oh, the new Tindersticks album is out now is it? Liking that one... magnolia trees seem a very Stuart Staples image.

Liked Shrimp Boat too.

tincanman said...

I'm carp at picking the best song off an album babryn, so when you get yours you can correct me lol

nilpferd said...

Really like the way the Little Feat track starts, not so keen on the vocals/guitar though.
There are some great harmonies behind the fuzz of No Hope Kids, probably my favourite of these tracks.
Hip Hop Sample spot- The Alvin Robinson was sampled by Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth for Skins.

tincanman said...

Two quick things:
First, when I used the word vacuous I was not thinking of our British friends. I meant hooverous.
Second, barbryn reports the Tindersticks is now on Spotify. Anyone else think it is quite Velvet Undergroundy?

saneshane said...

that tindersticks track:
first minute Velvets...
1 minute 29 Smiths shimmer all the way...

mix it together and you get an interesting track.

Makinavaja said...

Another good week! Liked Shrimp Boat, Wavves and Tindersticks the best - new to me and have got me in the mood for investigating. That's what this is all about, right?

barbryn said...

Maki, if you're new to the Tindersticks and liked that track, you have unimaginable joys ahead of you. The first two albums - both called Tindersticks - are two of the greatest records ever made. The next couple are amazing two. They've been treading water for a few years, but even their average stuff is beyond what most bands could hope to produce.

Yes, I like them...

Makinavaja said...

Barbryn, I am already having fun on Spotify!!!

Fintan28 said...

Hadn't listened to little feat forever & this week a friend sent a concert tape from'75 & the next day it pops up on the spill. Coild be a movement.
@williamsbach I picked up a Rhino album in the 80's that had the Alvin Robinson on it. I had heard the Coasters version before that and as it was a Jerry Lieber song I figured the Coaster's version had to be older. One should never assume. Alvin's is superior either way.
Really liked the shrimpboat & beach boys are always welcome.

Japanther said...

Wavves, Shrimp Boat and Tindersticks all floated my boat....great idea for a regular feature Tin!

bishbosh said...

Another top collection, folks. Particularly loving the Tindersticks track (and think shane's summation is pretty spot on).

Makinavaja said...

Barbryn - took your advice re Tindersticks. Haven't been disappointed - I've loved EVERYTHING I've heard so far! I'm so looking forward to really getting to know their stuff.
Tin - thanks for sharing this.

ejaydee said...

If anybody's still around, here's more form that Little Feat concert:

Mnemonic said...

The whole Little Feat concert is on archive.org if anyone wants it.