Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Down

The Fall Of Mr Fiths
Fall Sound
Guilford Fall
Just Keep Falling
Not Of The Fallen
Brighter As We Fall

Soft Landing
When You're Falling
As Night Falls
Red Apple Falls
When We Fall
In Fall
Fallen Arches
Rise & Fall


B=Mc2 said...

fab tunes, i've had a nice morning with them, names please!

Anonymous said...
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Shoegazer said...

Hey Blimps, haven't seen you here in a while, glad you liked it, it was this:

1. Why?
2. Some "singer" from Manchester with a hastily assembled American backing band
3. Fugazi
4. Shoey's Calvin Party
5. Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start (or Upsy Downsy to their friends)
6. Engineers
7. Afro Celt Sound System & the owner of their record label
8. Jah Wobble's Deep Space
9. Smog (on loan from Shane & Nilpferd)
11.Dirty Three
13.Sophie Hunger.

nilpferd said...

Wimp as I am, I prefer the soft landings.. (though maybe I'm just a bit hung over from last night's pyjama party and a morning spent preparing pancakes for the hordes) The Shoey Jah Wobble picks continue to satisfy, Smog, Dirty Three and Cranebuilders also all very fine, love the vibes and piano on the Sophie Hunger, plus the Balkan fusion feel. Lovely track.

Japanther said...

sterling stuff Shoey...not a one I didn't dig and the perfect soundtrack to a cloudy Monday morning in the office, cheers!

Japanther said...

.....although that last tune was seriously a good way...I think!

saneshane said...

really good list again - didn't think the afro celt went anywhere really- but that's just me!

great bookends with why? to start and the plainly nuts rise and fall! to end... love it.

Shoegazer said...

I'm partial to PG's voice (except Genesis) - but that's just me. Haven't had time to listen to yours this week, Shane but will be tuning in later.

Oh & Nilp, Mr. Wobble's latest cover of "Get Carter" is a stunner. Hoping gangsters will come up soon so I have an excuse to throw it out.

Glad you liked it JP.