Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pale Rider deceit

I was enjoying it over on RR .. but now I can't get in again so here's a tenuous selection more likely to appeal to the nilpferd side than the DsD side of the 'spill spectrum!

Who's The Realest?
Check Fraud
Smoke & Mirrors

Tell The Police The Truth

The Magician
Good Lies

The Girl With The Pre-Fabricated Heart


nilpferd said...

Just time to dip in quickly before work, right up my alley as you say.. according to a dream I had last night, you're busy constructing a tree house out of steel and wood; not sure your idea of smearing earth on the steel parts is really going to guard against corrosion though.. Corten is cool but you should over-dimension the profiles to compensate for the rust.. just saying..

ejay said...

That's some really good shit, especially the first 2. I don't thin I ever heard the original Deceptacon, just the DFA remix, good too.

Shoegazer said...

Great stuff - you had fun this week didn't you? Loads of Shane faves in pt 1 (or was it 2). Great to hear them again, though. There were a few great new to me ones too (Notwist & Mates, I think). No idea what that last one was either, but that was fun too. Some good electronic spacey invaders & squelches in pt 2 (or was it 1) along with some great indiepop tunes. Perhaps Shanepop is a better label?