Sunday, February 7, 2010

La La La La

so I've managed to clean up my computer and in the spirit of steengazer/shoebeck I've gone so far over the top - I could be a 'insert player postion- that would mean something to Americans!!!?!!' in the superbowl - see how up-to-the minute I am there and how knowledgable?
(shit - can't open another window to do my u.s football research - I'll just leave it, no one will notice - come on New SomeState you can do it.. yaeahah)

any song about apples is good by me - and this is a fine Herman specimen...
.. heart it.. gets the accolade of having the second largest collection of mixes that I own

1- 123 Apple Tree
2- Heart It Races - As Played By Dr. Dog

once upon a time we did an audio/visual project (remember them? now it's called tossing about on the computer) that took the teletubies and got them singing born slippy - for legal reasons - and the fact that I never keep anything - I can't post that... so here is 6 la la songs.
3- La La La
4- La La Land
5- We Are Happy Now (La La La)
6- Talking Synth
7- La La Song
8- La La La

somewhere in the world there's me helping interview the hidden cameras in Hamburg - it was a fantastic day.. I'll tell you all about it if you bribe me.
9- In The Na
10- Ha Ha
11- Never Understand
12- Let's Go To Bed
13- Do What You Do (Earworm Song)

dang is like a special pick me up after a very heavy weekend/ life/ brother/ bag of spuds*
14- Dang
15- Jefferson Shuffle
16- Bom Bom Diggy

enough already.. but I'll finish with this..

17- Get Off My Cloud
I so had to cut this down as well..
can you hear it?
that's my computer going..........


* delete everything - it's the only hope.


nilpferd said...

Looks good shane, there's my monday evening gone..

Japanther said...

marvelous list as ever Shane, who knew there were so many songs with La la in the title? I think I liked the last hip-hoppy one best.

"In the Na" was brilliant too, and would love to hear the Hidden Cameras anecdote, I would offer you my vinyl copy with unique handmade-airbrushed -picture-and-stuck-on-cut-out-paper- penis-shaped-ghost-thing sleeve of their first album, as a bribe but i'm sure you've got your own copy...

saneshane said...

I think you get the gold 'spill star for perseverance.. after the barrage of music thrown at you this weekend!

123 Apple Tree-Herman D√ľne
Heart It Races - As Played By Dr. Dog - Architecture In Helsinki
La La La - The Bird & The Bee
La La Land- Herve
We Are Happy Now (La La La)-Friska Viljor
Talking Synth - The Bongolian
La La Song- The Kissaway Trail
La La La- Saul Williams
In The Na- The Hidden Cameras
Ha Ha- Mates Of State
Never Understand- The Jesus & Mary Chain
Let's Go To Bed- The Cure
Do What You Do (Earworm Song)-The Clint Boon Experience
Dang- Buck 65
Jefferson Shuffle-Pest
Bom Bom Diggy- Tricky
Get Off My Cloud- Flying Pickets

ejay said...

Awesome playlist Shane!

ejay said...

Shane, I'm looking for a song, and I think you might know it. I think the chorus goes "situation gone wrong", and there's a line about not being able to gain weight or something. Sounds like it's from the 90's, it's got a bit of a KLF vibe, do you know what I'm talking about?

saneshane said...

first thought off the top of my head is
'Broken' by UNKLE
don't know why!
but that doesn't have that chorus...uuummmm

is it male or female vocal?

ejay said...

I would say it's a Joe Strummer influenced male vocal.

saneshane said...

I'll think about it - but nothing springs to mind:

you may have lost me to Big Audio Dynamite records for a while tho.. by association.

ejaydee said...

Oops, not KLF, but EMF!

Shoey said...

Fine picks as always, Shane.

Now your PC Is back, is the world ready for the triple threat post from Sanesteengazer? Page domination would be ours! Brahahaha.

Makinavaja said...

My education is ongoing, Shane. Only halfway through - damn work! - it keeps me away from the important things in life! Great stuff as always. Thank you.

saneshane said...


we'll wait 'til everyone has a week off then hit um with a 'triple S' playlist!


still no idea with your tune - let me if you find it - it's bugging me now!


cheers for fitting in some listening - it's always a pleasure to compile.