Monday, February 15, 2010

Girl at her volcano

Is it just me? Perhaps its just the sentimental day. Or maybe the three glasses of Portugeiser I've polished off so far tonight. Or is this actually..somehow.. perfect?


DarceysDad said...

Where the hell did you find THIS, sourpus?

[Rhetorical, obv, given the youtube tag!]

What I mean is, I've been promising to convert my vinyl copy of Girl At Her Volcano to disc and send it to ejaydee almost as long as I've known him. We've discussed nominating RLJ's version on the mothership on various occasions, and been frustrated we couldn't get any further.

Anyway, love it, love it, love it. Perfect, you say? Just possibly.

A lovely note to go to bed on. Thanks, sourpus.

ejay said...

Indeed Dsd, I think it was after a discussion about Walk Away Renee.

sourpus said...

I was thinking about the words of the song last night - it has only about 8 lines. Probably make an interesting (but tough) mothership theme - 'Songs with very short lyrics'. And then I had a quick look on YT to see if RLJ's version was there and wammo, it was. Just a bit of luck really.

Maybe 'perfect' is a dodgy word to apply to anything - the red wine talking? But I remember buying the mini-album when it came out - partly because I just liked the sleeve - and listening to it every night before I slept for weeks on end. It is very good at least.

Shoegazer said...

Found a copy lying around the interweb. Should I have the elves box it up?

DsD said...

You're darn tootin'!!

I'll investigate their packing after work, providing I can get TO work in the first place, looking at the snow that's come dowm last night!

ó ò

DarceysDad said...

Where's the Head Elf? I wanna give him a kiss!