Saturday, February 6, 2010

Steengazer's Gobbledygook


Boom Boom
The Boom Rap
Bang bang bang
Booty Butt
Clang Boom Steam
Din Daa Daa
Din Da Da
Da Da Da
flo me la
hey baba reebop
how i sang dang
Hyena Stomp
Handclapping Song
hi di ho man
Jersey Girl
la di da di
my clinch mountain home
the man who wouldn't let wax wane
orderliness, godliness, descipline
soul fire
song 2
yodelling fiddling blues


ejaydee said...

You just blew my mind...

ejaydee said...

I was just being a smarty-pants, after a refresh, I see the post now.

steenbeck said...

Sorry, Shoey, I messed up the picture and I'm LATE FOR WORK! I'll fix it later, I promise.

nilpferd said...

Woah.. that is mind blowing.. as if I haven't got enough to do trying to type one language and speak another here.. awesome playlist.
For me the best two new tracks (conveniently split Steen/Gazer?) The Roots' Din Da Da, and The man who wouldn't let wax wane. Intrigued too by (gazers?) Language, with what sounds very like a Jaco Pastorius bassline. But probably isn't, as it doesn't really sound like a sample.

ejay said...

I love that picture!

saneshane said...

ace art!

you call that a playlist, just not enough- what am I going to do for the rest of the weekend? that's only lasted 24 hours!

Shoegazer said...

Ooh that's a long one - got a bit carried away there. Thanks for DJing & posting, Steen (hope the carpal tunnel from typing all those links gets better soon). Seemed to work well though, listening through - let's do it again sometime!

Japanther said...

phew! I made it out alive.

Ace playlist Steengazer! A few were familiar, all were good, Din Da Da, Flow Me La, Gobbedigook, the last blues track....ah...all good. Thanks for a (whole!) afternoon soundtrack..

steenbeck said...

Sorry, Shoegazer, I should have warned you that steenbeckitis is terribly contagious, and the worst symptom is a crippling indecisiveness that renders you completely unable to make a playlist of any reasonable length.