Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to the Shoe Lounge ('Spillers Post Music That You Wouldn't Really Expect From Them, Knowing Their Musical Tastes A Bit As You Do, Pt ?)

Probably not much of a surprise here, but maybe a change of pace:

Are You Sitting Comfortably?
Parchman Blues
Can't Get Loose
Vertical Vision
Best Mamgu Ever


Blimpy said...

Have you heard "Ego war" by Audio Bullys? Same drum beat as the first tune ( -the theme from MASH?) either way i'm having that!!

nilpferd said...

Very comfy lounge Shoey, right up my street. Not so surprising as you say, you've posted plenty of electro-downbeat stuff, though not so explicity jazz as some of these. Coincidentally, I was reading about the Yello singer in this week's Der Spiegel. Harry Beckett is a pretty cool guy too.
The general feel of the playlist reminds me a bit of Tosca's Suzuki and remixes, which would probably be my top downbeat electronic album. Though it helped that I first heard it in Sydney, which is a pretty downbeat electronic place.

saneshane said...

good collection - but by your own admission not a startling jump from the usual shoey set list.

can't find my copy of ego war (seam to remember 'the snow' being my fav track - after the yob'ouse of 'we don't care' so can't compare tunes.

I can't really think of the right category for you - punk/new wave feels like your start in things.. so where's the prog or disco mix?

Shoey said...

Blimps - don't know the Bullies - will investigate, cheers. The Harry Becket album was the 1st release from the latest On-U Sound relaunch. Not much else has come out yet apart from a new Scratch album & several remixes. Hope this relaunch gets some traction.

Nilp, thought you would like this stuff.

Shane, no prog or disco anytime soon. It's tricky this, if you stray too far from your comfort zone you end up posting stuff you don't like.

Japanther said...

..and a very welcome change of pace it was, enjoyed all of these Shoey...

B=Mc2 said...

Ego War is on Spotty - it's super catchy - their other stuff is a bit yobbish for my liking, but Ego War has a dumb charm to it.

Shoey said...

Still no Spotty here. But nefarious means has found a copy for me to listen to.